This lesson contains a very simple idea, following the tips of this lesson, you will learn how combining different elements, you can create an exciting and attractive background in dark colors, change clothes, put on makeup, draw hair, correctly mix different elements in the background. the result was a composition with a gloomy mood.

So, let’s begin.

Take a look at the result to which we will strive.

The following images were taken for the lesson:

Step 1. First create a new file. I chose CMYK color mode.

Step 2. Now create the background. Move the image Autumn leaves into your created file. Duplicate the layer and set it as shown in the first image. Add a layer mask and erase the edges like in the picture to make it look believable. Duplicate the layer again and add again. layer mask, and erase the edges like in the picture.

Step 3. Add an adjustment layer and Color balance and set the following settings: -57, -56, +26, as shown below.

Step 4. Then apply Curves and set the following settings: 38 at the output and 27 at the input.

Step 5. Insert your magic forest Fantasy forest in our stocking. Add a layer mask and erase the edges using a basic black brush as shown.

Step 6. Go to the layer with autumn leaves. Take the tool Lasso (Lasso Tool) and insert a piece of leaves. Click the + J command. Then create a new layer.

Step 7. The next step is to insert a girl Melancholia Model. Open the image with the model. Select Magnetic Lasso and select the girl and right-click on the girl, select cut to a new layer.

Step 8. Paste the model into your file and place it there as shown below.

Step 9. Now we need to make a correction dress. For our background, the girl’s dress seems rather short. Take advantage of Magnetic lasso and select and copy the bottom of the dress.

Step 10. Make a copy of the hem with the same as below.

Step 11. Create New Curves Correction Layer and set the following: 32 output and 20 input.

Step 12. Fill up layer mask black color (Alt + backspace). Choose base brush and white color draw the shadow of the model on the foliage.

Step 13. Find an image with creeping plants Vines and, cutting them out, paste into our work as shown below.

Step14 Now draw the hair. Create a new layer and set the color for the hair darker, draw the desired shape for the hair. Then create a new layer and brush a brighter draw hair. Do this operation several times and on several layers and use shades that are lighter and brighter until you get the desired result.

Do not paint everything on one layer, otherwise, if you do something wrong, you will have to wash all your hair. When you get the desired result, merge all layers (press Ctrl and select all layers, then right-click and Merge all layers or E). Take tool Dimmer (BurnTool) and create a little shadow on the hair, and then use the brightener (DodgeTool) for glare.

Step 15. Go to the model layer and use the tool Dimmer Draw on her dress shadow.

Step 16. Now the following: Image> Correction> Color balance (Image> Adjustments> Color Balance) and use these settings: 0, -19, -27. Fill the layer mask and paint the bushes in white.

Step 17. Now apply makeup. Create a new layer. Pipette Choose a light shade on the girl’s face and paint over her face with a brush with opacity 4-5. Create a new layer and draw the eyes. Do the same for the mouth. Every time create a new layer.

If you have successfully applied makeup, combine all layers with makeup. Use Clarifier and Dimmer To make the face believable shades.

Step 18. Place the ravens in your work as shown below.

Step 19. Create a new layer to draw crows wings and jewels. To do this, take the base brush with clear edges.

Step 20. Draw a shadow on the hand of the girl. This is a minor detail, but still important. So it will still be plausible if all the shadows are taken into account.

Step 21 Create new adjustment layer and select Photo filter with a density of 25%.

Step 22 Now select Color balance with settings: -18, +17, -19. Fill the layer mask with black. Draw a basic white brush on the model.

Step 23. Image> Adjustments> ColorBalance (picture>correction> color balance) with settings: +28, -13 and -27.

Step 24 Insert a few falling leaves into the work. You can use “leaves.png” or an image of your choice.

Step 25. Ctrl-click on the thumbnail layer with leaves to select them. Create a new adjustment layer using color balance. Settings: +67, -22 and +19. Fill the layer mask with black. White brush walk on the leaves.

Step 26. Create Curve Correction Layer. Exit 17 and inlet 11. Fill the layer mask with black. Paint several shadows with a white brush.

Step 27. Once again use Photo filter with a density of 25%

Step 28. Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Gradient Map (Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Gradient Map). Set the opacity to 15%.

Conclusion Lean back on your chair and enjoy the result.

Author: Loredana Papp

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