Wrong shadow

On the site www.interfotki.ru I found a cool picture – a parrot rides on the rollers!

I decided to make a lesson with him, which will be called “The Wrong Shadow”.

By the way, you can safely apply the techniques that we will use to create the “wrong” shadow for the “correct”.

So let’s get started. Add a parrot shadow on the right side in the form of a biathlete!

Here is a photo of Maxim Chudov, he is depicted here on roller skaters. Here we will make a shadow out of it.

First we reflect the document horizontally so that the shadow we have coincides with the direction of movement of the parrot. Create a selection around the figure of Maxim, grab all your inventory. After the selection is done, you can add a feather size. 2 px.

Create a new layer and fill the selection with black. On the new layer we will have a biathlete silhouette.

Now we transfer this silhouette to a document with a plague parrot.

Now you need to place the shadow in such a way that it looks like it falls from the parrot.

1. Reduce the opacity of the shadow until 60%.

2. Position the shade so that the legs touch.

Use the free transform (Ctrl + T) and the command Warp (Warp) to fit everything perfectly.

By the way, the Warp command is available only in CS 2, CS 3

Click Enter, to apply the transformation.

And again Ctrl + T, hold down the Ctrl key and pull the upper middle knot to the right and down, thereby placing a shadow on the road.

3. In the layers palette, click on the button. , Add a layer mask, a white rectangle will appear next to the silhouette icon.

Take the tool and set the following settings:

Draw a gradient from the top right corner down to the left corner. You will get this result:

4. Blur a little shadow.

Apply filter Blur – Gaussian Blur (Blur – Gaussian Blur). Before you apply the blur go to the icon with the silhouette.

Set the blur radius at your discretion.

5. The shadow we should have FOR the parrot, respectively, we need to remove the parts of the shadow that fall on our hero.

And that’s what happened as a result:

Here are some more pictures for you to think about:

Now I am waiting for your pictures!

See you at www.https://photobecket.com!

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