Abstract pattern for text in photoshop

In this lesson, we will look at a very simple way to create a really nice abstract text pattern effect using a couple of filters and layer styles.

Step 1

Set the foreground color to # 002741 and the background color # 040022. Select the tool Gradient (Gradient Tool), click on the icon Radial gradient (Radial Gradient) in the options panel. Then draw a radial gradient from the center of the document to one of the corners.

Write the text in # FFFFFF (white). The font used in the lesson Dan, you can download it here, size 220 pixels. If the text is long, if necessary, you can adjust the Leading value to reduce the space between the lines.

Hold Ctrl and click on the thumbnail of the text layer (icon) to create a selection.

Set the foreground color to # 00f6ff and the background color # 201948. Next, create a new layer (Ctrl + N) over the text layer and call it “Texture”, and then make the text layer invisible by clicking on the eye icon next to it.

Step 2

At this stage we will use a couple of filters to create abstract textures.

First, let’s go Filter-> Rendering-> Clouds (Filter-> Render-> Clouds). Then move on Select-> Cancel (Select-> Deselect) or press Ctrl + D to get rid of the selection.

Next, go to Filter-> Rendering-> Fibers (Filter-> Render-> Fibers). Set the Variance to 10 and Intensity 2.

You can change the scale value (from the drop-down menu or with the help of the – icon) to make sure that you like the color distribution, if not, you can press the button Randomize (Randomize) until you like the result. Then click OK.

You should have something like this.

Finally, let’s go Filter-> Imitation-> Spatula (Filter-> Artistic-> Palette Knife). Change Stroke size (Stroke Size) to 25, Stroke Detail to 3, and Softness 0.

We are finished with texture.

Step 3

At this stage we will apply some Layer styles (Layer Style) to add a little depth to the text so that it doesn’t look flat. So double click on the “Texture” layer to add the following effects:

Shadow (Drop Shadow): Just use the defaults.

Stamping (Bevel and Emboss): Change Depth (Depth) to 800, Size (Size) To 1, Contour (Gloss Contour) – Weak Shallow Slope – Valleys check, tick Anti-aliased and change the Backlight Mode (Highlight Mode) on the Backlight Mode (Highlight Mode).

Circuit (Contour): Just check the Anti-aliased box.

You can use different shades of color if you want.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! All the best to you and creative success.

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