Add a fire effect to metallic text in photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you how to add a fire effect to the metallic text in Photoshop. Let’s try!

This lesson is of medium difficulty, so some actions may be difficult.

Note: This lesson is done in Photoshop CC – so some screenshots may differ slightly from previous versions of the program. Some brushes are only available in this version of Photoshop CC.

The final result:

Step 1

Create a new document with the following dimensions 1440 px * 720 px, background color is black. First we will create the background using a metal texture.

Load metal texture 1 in Photoshop. Select the whole image of the texture, copy / paste (Copy / Paste) selected texture image on our working paper. Using tool Free transformation (free transform tool), apply scaling to the texture. The result should be as in the screenshot below:

Add a layer mask to the metal texture layer (the processing area is highlighted in red): (As you can see, I specially processed the central part of the texture, so we can position our text here in the next steps)

For a metallic texture layer, apply the following adjustment layers:

Black-white (Black and White)

Levels (Levels)

Curves (Curves)

The result of the current lesson:

Step 2

Using any font at your discretion, type the text as shown in the screenshot below:

Add a layer mask to the text layer and use a soft round brush and a brush. a piece of chalk (Chalk) create torn edges throughout the text:

Tip: install opacity (opacity) and pressure (flow) brush, approximately 50%:

The effect you should have:

Load metal texture 2 into Photoshop, select a part of the texture, and then copy / paste (Copy / Paste) selected part of the texture on top of our text:

Next, convert this layer with the texture fragment to the clipping mask to the text layer:

Apply the following adjustment layers to the metal texture fragment layer:

Levels (Levels)

Curves (Curves)

The result of the current lesson:

Step 3

Download the Fire Texture in Photoshop. Copy / paste (Copy / Paste) the texture of the fire on our working paper, placing below the text layer. Using tool Free transformation (free transform tool), apply scaling as shown in the screenshot below:

To the Fire Textured layer, add an adjustment layer. Levels (Levels):

Select a fragment of the Fire texture in the “T” area, and then use the tool Free transformation (free transform tool), warp the texture of Fire, as shown in the screenshot below:

Next, using a large soft Eraser (eraser), hide the sections of the Fire texture that you do not need – my result of the created effect at the moment:

Step 4

Next, we will add a spark of fire around our text. Select the fire fragment using the original Fire texture using the tool. Lasso (Lasso Tool), and then paste the selection on our working paper:

Change the blending mode for this layer with a fragment of sparks to Lightening basics (Color Dodge):

Apply scaling to the fragment with sparks, adding it to the text:

Repeat this process, adding more sparks to our text:

Step 5

We are almost done! As a final touch, add the following adjustment layers. Selective color correction (Selective Color) on top of all other layers:

Next, I merged all the layers and applied a filter to the merged layer. Smart Sharpen (Smart Sharpen):

You can see my final result in the screenshot below:

So, we have completed the lesson! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it was useful for you. See you, have a nice day!

The final result:

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