Alien text

In this simple tutorial you will learn how to make a really cool, alien-style text effect. Mainly using not only layer styles, but also some filters to complete this work as best you can.

You can look at my final image below, and now you will do something similar to this!

Materials for the lesson:

Step 1. Creating the background
First, create a new document with dimensions. 400×200 pixels.
The author began to create a background with several radial white gradients on a black background.

(With the tool “Gradient (Gradient tool), each on a separate layer, use a black and white gradient, and for all layers use the blend mode “Lightening basics“(“Lighten“))

Note translator: You can also use a white-transparent gradient, then you can do without blending modes.

Next, use Filter> Distort> Wave (Filter> distortion> wave) with random settings (parameters don’t matter here, just create a random effect for the background)

Note translator: in the window Wave there is a button on the right random “, Which will create random settings

Now create a new layer and fill it with color # 47711f (green). Change the blending mode to Color (Chroma) and lower the opacity to 80%.

Merge the secondary layers together, and duplicate the resulting layer, use Filter> Distort> Wave (Filter> distortion> wave) with random settings, change the blending mode to “Overlap” (Overlay) and lower the opacity to 80%

Now, for the minor layer, the author added several “blood spots” in some places, and changed the blending mode of this layer to Soft light. You can take these from the archive.

Step 2. Create text
First, change the foreground color to dark green (# 3c5516), and write your text.

The author used the font Bebas, font size set 72 ptand used color # 3c5516 .

Step 3. Add styles.
Now it’s time to give the text a cool effect using layer styles!
Click – right-click on the layer with the text, and go to Blending Options (blending options), where we use the following parameters:

Drop Shadow (shadow)

Outer Glow (external glow)

Inner Glow (internal glow)

Bevel and Emboss (embossed)

Gradient Overlay (gradient overlay)

Pattern Overlay (overlapping pattern)

And we see the following:

It looks good already, and after additional filters, I think it will look even better! Don’t worry if this is certain, it doesn’t matter now.

4. Add more effects!
First, create a new layer using Apply the Image (Image> Apply Image …) (Image> external channel), Then we see a new layer.

Apply again Filter> Distort> Wave (Filter> distortion> wave) with random settings. Change the blending mode for this layer to Lighten (light replacement) and lower the opacity to 35-30%.

Duplicate the distorted layer and apply Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur) with any value, change the blending mode to Overlay, then change the opacity to about 40% – 50%.

Looks cool, right?

Author: Photoshop Star

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