Banana text in Photoshop

In this lesson you will learn how to make a banana text that looks very natural and appetizing.
That’s about this text and will be discussed today.

We will need the following materials for the lesson:

Create a new document 1024 x 683 pixels. Apply to the background layer Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay) in the layer style settings.

The translator’s notes are: Double click on the layer to bring up the layer style settings window.

Insert the image of the Palm leaf into the main document and duplicate it. Make the bottom layer with the sheet black and white using the settings on the screenshots below.

To a black-and-white layer with a sheet, set the blending mode Overlap (Overlay).

Make active the second color layer with a leaf and create an outline, as in the screenshot below. Use tools Pen (Pen Tool), Angle (Convert Point Tool) and Arrow (Direct Selection Tool) to correct and move points.

Click Ctrl + Enter, to create a selection of the contour, and then invert it using the key combination Shift + Ctrl + I. Add a layer mask (click on the corresponding icon at the bottom of the layers palette).

Now write the text. The author chose the font Anja Eliane, with a size of 220 pt.

Right-click on the layer labeled and select the option Convert to Curves (Convert to Shape).

Now we can correct the shape of the letters as we need.

Move the anchor points to create banana tails on the letters.

To create the desired contour, you can add new anchor points with the tool Pen (add anchor point) – (Pen Tool (Add Anchor Point Tool)).

Right-click on the text layer and select the option Rasterize layer (Rasterize Layer).

Apply the following layer styles on the rasterized text.

Create a new layer above the banana text. Fill it with white. Go to menu Filter – Noise – Add Noise (Filter-Noise – Add Noise). Apply the following settings.

Now go to the menu Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter-Blur-Gaussian Blur).

Go to the menu again Filter – Rendering – Fibers (Filter-Render-Fiber). Push button Randomize (Randomize) until you get a similar result as in the screenshot.

You should get this result.

Make the fibers layer temporarily translucent to see the bottom text layer. Create an oval selection with the tool Oval area (Elliptical Marquee Tool). The selection should cover the entire text. Now go to menu Filter – Distortion – Spherization (Filter-Distort- Spherize) and use the screenshot below for the settings.

Set blending mode for this layer. Darkening basics (Color Burn) and reduce Opacity (Opacity) up to 55%. Download a selection of banana text CTRL + click over the thumbnail of the text layer, and add a layer mask. Unnecessary texture areas should become invisible.

You should get something like this.

Duplicate the banana text layer and place a duplicate above the texture layer. Decrease Fill (Fill) layer at 0%. Apply in layer style settings Inner shadow (Inner Shadow) and Pattern overlay (Pattern Overlay).

This pattern can be found in a set of patterns. Gray paper (Grayscale paper).

Load the selection of the text layer and create a new layer. Choose soft Brush (Brush),
set green and Opacity (Opacity) brush put about 40%. Draw the spots as shown in the screenshot below.

Set the blending mode for this layer to Chromaticity (Color) and reduce Opacity (Opacity) up to 65%.

Create a new layer again and select a darker color. (# 766d08), touch the top of the letters with a brush. This layer set the blending mode. Multiplication (Multiply) and reduce Opacity (Opacity) up to 60%.

Create a new layer again, select a color. # 453b06 and draw a small brush on the specified area in the screenshot.

And again we create a new layer. We do not remove the selection of the text, but fill it with white color on the created new layer.

Set the blending mode for this layer to Soft light (Soft Light) and slide it as shown in the screenshot below.

Load a selection from the original text layer and make active the white text layer.

Invert selection Ctrl + Shift + I and remove some of the white layer that goes beyond the letters. The area to be deleted is shown in the screenshot.

You should get this result.

Now apply a layer style to this layer. Inner shadow (Inner Shadow). Holive tree (Fill) layer reduced to 50%.

Create a new layer and draw small brown spots on the “banana letters”.

You can use different-sized brushes for this, or one with the same settings as in the screenshot below.

Create a white text layer again and move it a little bit down and left, as in the example below.

Now load the selection of the original text layer (Ctrl + click on the layer thumbnail), then, to remove the excess selection, hold down Ctrl + alt and click on the thumbnail of the white text layer. You should have a similar selection as in the screenshot below. Fill it with any color on the new layer. After that, you can delete the layer with the white text created in the previous step.

Set this layer Holive tree (Fill) 0% and blending mode Multiplication (Multiply).

Apply a layer style Color overlay (Color Overlay) with these settings:

Group all the layers related to the text (except the background and the temporary layer) by pressing the combination
keys CTRL +G. Then duplicate this group.

Open the folder of the copied group, and find the first “banana text”, which has layer styles as in the screenshot below. Make an option Shadow (Drop Shadow) inactive.

Now merge all the layers in the duplicated group into one.

Move the resulting layer below the original group with banana text, but above the background. We will use this layer to create a reflection.

Now go to the menu Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter- Blur-Gaussian Blur) and apply these settings:

Now add noise to the layer with reflection. To do this, go to the menu Filter – Noise – Add Noise (Filter-Noise – Add Noise).

Decrease Opacity (Opacity) of this layer up to 30%.

Load the selection of the original text layer again, and make the group with the “banana text” invisible. Without removing the selection, create a new layer above the layer with the reflection. Fill the selection with any color (in the screenshot, the selection is filled with brown color).

Standing on this layer, go to the menu. Filter – Blur – Motion Blur (Filter- Blur- Motion Blur). Apply the following settings.

Set this layer Holive tree (Fill) 0% and apply the option in layer styles Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay).

Make the group with the “banana text” visible again.

Erase soft Eraser (Eraser) shadow from the right side of the last letter. This area is shown in the screenshot.

And here is the final result!

(click on image to enlarge)

Following the link to the source, at the beginning of the lesson, you can download the PSD file.

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