Barbed Wire Text

This Photoshop tutorial will show you a way to draw text framed with barbed wire. The final result you see below:

Write the word “FENCE” (eng. Fence)
Font – Vag Rounded
The size – 90
Colour – # C1C1C1

Press the key combination Ctrl + click on the text layer to highlight it:

Create a new layer – click shift + ctrl + N. Install any selection tool. , right click somewhere on the selection, a sign will appear where you need to select the command Make Work Path … (turn selection into contour)

In the dialog box write 1.0 Tolerance parameter:

You can do it like this:

Now, select the brush tool , set size 9 px.
Click on the Brushes palette (F5) and set the brush settings as shown below:

Choose a setting Shape dynamics (dynamics of the form) and set the following parameters:

Click on the tool pen tool, right click on the outline around the letters, click on stroke path (perform a stroke) and select Brush – brush.

After the actions you have done, the text should be framed in barbed wire :)

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