Beer text in Photoshop

Materials for the lesson:

We are going to create a “beer text”! Experiment with layer styles to get
more accurate result!

Step 1. The first step, as always, is to create our new document. The size is up to you, but we will create a document sized 1280 x 720 pixels

Step 2. As for the background, it is also up to you! The author made a “linen” green texture, as in this lesson.

Step 3. After the document is created, we can start creating our design! Let’s start with the text. The author has found a good thick, large print that is suitable for this lesson. Remember, if you take a different font or size, you will most likely have to change layer styles to suit your preferences.

When your text options are set, type your word in the center of the document.

Step 4. Now that your text is in place, you need to add a few Layer Style (layer styles)! This will help give color and “glassiness” to our text.

Overlay options:

Gradient overlay:



Internal luminescence:

Inner shadow:


Once all layer styles are applied, you should have something like this:

Step 5. Layer styles are ready, now we will create several layers inside the text using Clipping Masks (clipping masks). In order to succeed, it is very important to pay attention to Advanced Blending (advanced blending options) (first image in step 4). This will allow you to trim layers inside layers that contain overlays.

The first layer we are going to add will be bubble texture. Let’s start by creating new layer in the layers panel and fill it black. Once it is created, click right click on the layer and select Create Clipping Mask (create a clipping mask).

Step 6. As soon as the black layer is inside the text, add a filter. Filter> Pixelate> Mezzotint (Filter> Appearance> Mezzotintto). Select type Medium Dots (mid points). This will add mottled white dots throughout the layer.

Step 7. When effect Mezzotint (Mezzotint) was applied, change the blending mode to Soft Light and set the opacity 35%.

Step 8. Now, to soften the texture, add Gaussian Blur (blur on gaus). Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur)

Step 9. Now that there are enough bubbles, add foam to the top of the text. This is the second part of the lesson. Take Rectangle tool (Rectangle) and draw a shape at the top of the text.

Step 10. As before, right click click on the layer in the layers panel and create Clipping Mask (clipping mask).

Step 11. When the layer is clipped, we need to add a few layer styles. Here they are!

Pattern Overlay:

Inner shadow:


We have a “direct” foam:

Step 12. Obviously, the foam should be slightly distorted. Before you start adding filters, convert the layer for smart filters! Filter> Convert for Smart Filters (Filter> Convert for smart filters). The layer is transformed, let’s add some filters starting with Wave.

Filter> Distort> Wave (Filter> Distortion> Wave)

Now let’s add ZigZag. Filter> Distort> ZigZag (Filter> Distortion> Zigzag)

You should have something like this:

If there are any areas that you would like to remove, then simply add a layer mask and paint over the areas that bother you with black.

Step 13. The last major step we are going to take is to create water drops. To make them, we will create a custom brush and layer styles. Let’s start with the brush! If you don’t have brush panels, activate it by logging in Window> Brush (Window> Brush). Apply the following settings:

Step 14. Now that the brush is ready, draw a drop of water on a new, cropped (using a clipping mask) layer. You can reduce the size of the brush with “[“to draw smaller drops.”

Step 15. Once the drops were drawn, it’s time to apply layer styles! Here they are!

You should have beautiful water drops:

This should give you a starting point for creating your own “Beer Text” in Photoshop. Experiment with layer styles to get a result you like!

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