Blood with milk

Hello to all! Today I will show you how, using simple tools to create a beautiful poster. With this technique you can create interesting effects, for example for advertisements or posters.

This is what we need:

Step 1. Well, let’s do it! At first I made a light background using the image of the notebook (the colors on the screenshot below): open the image of the notebook and using Free Transformation (Ctrl + T) increase the notebook so that the spring is not visible. On the new layer, write the words “Blood” and “Milk” (each on a separate layer) using the downloaded font. Go to the layer style with the word “Blood” and apply the parameter Stamping. Slide the slider Opacity (Opacity) in white to 0%. Only black stamping will remain.

Step 2. Then I use a red splash on the word “Blood”, arranging it beautifully. Move this layer with a splash below the layer with the word “Blood”.
If it seems to you that you need to add saturation (“bloodiness”) to this layer, open Hue / Saturation (Ctrl + U) and play with the sliders.


Step 3. Now add a splash for the text “Milk”. Insert a splash into our document (as we see it red). In order to make a splash of white, use two parameters from the menu Image> Correction (Image> Adjustment):
Hue / Saturation (Hue / Saturation):

Levels (Levels):

Get a white splash:

Place this splash nicely and add a couple more. Here is the result:

Step 4. Then we create a new layer above all the others, take the tool Finger (Smudge Tool) and be sure to check (Sample With All Layers) as shown below:

With this tool, create a smooth transition between text and splashes:

Result (areas highlighted with red lines):

Step 5. Smooth the edges also on the “Blood” layer.

Step 6. Now we detail our work. Create a new layer below all existing layers. Use downloaded brushes with lines. Take the Brush tool and add white lines on our new layer. Now we will add some “curl”. This image can be found in sets of brushes with tattoos. You can copy this:

You should have a similar result:

Note: You may notice that there is a stroke at the splash in the upper right. Here’s how to do it: Copy the splash layer and increase it by about 15-20% with Free Transformation (Ctrl + T). Hold down Ctrl, and in the layers menu, click on the copy button. This will result in the selection of this layer. Create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N) and go to Editing> Perform Stroke (Edit> Stroke). Stroke, as you can see, black and thin – set the appropriate settings. After setting up, click OK, move as we want, and delete the unnecessary parts using Eraser (Eraser). Only in the end do not forget to delete the expanded copy – we do not need it at all.

Step 7. Open the photo of the girl and cut it out of the background. Push Ctrl+Shift+U, to discolor the image.

Paste the girl in our document between the layer with the background (notebook) and all the rest. Fit it to fit and place as shown below:

Step 8. This step is solely an advertising goal. Add some logo:

Add a logo to the work. The author placed it under the layers with “Blood” and “Milk”:

Step 9. This is the last step. We will add some additional details. The author has added lines for the word “Milk”.

At this stage, we have finished, I hope that you enjoyed the lesson and that you learned something new from it.

Author: Sergey.

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