Bloody text

This lesson will tell you how to draw a metallic text with the effect of blood stains.

Create a new document. 310 x 160 px with black background color

Take any font (in this lesson the font used is ESPN, the size 100). Using the text tool Write some words in white, such as “UFC” and “Blood Sport.” The second word should have a much smaller font.

Now make two layers of text together, select them by pressing the key Ctrl and clicking on layers, then click Ctrl + E.

Now we will create our metal texture. Create a new document size 400 x 400 with a white background layer. Double-click the Layer layer in the Layers panel so that we can edit it later. In this box, click OK.

Now consult Filter> Noise> Add Noise

Apply the following settings.

Now add another filter. Filter> Blur> Motion Blur

Add a Motion blur, set the Distance parameter 70 px.

You should have this:

Now turn the resulting image into a texture – select in the main menu Edit> Define Pattern

Give the texture a name and click Ok. Now you can close this metal image and go back to the picture with the text.

In the picture with the text “UFC”, select the layer that we recently created by merging two words. Right click on it and select Blending options.

Set the following parameters.

Fill texture. Select a newly created texture. Make sure you uncheck the box next to “Link with Layer” and then click on the button Snap to Origin. This action will flood the text with a metallic texture.

Now select the option Satin and apply these settings:

Add volume Bevel and Emboss

To apply all these settings click the button. Ok.
After that, the picture will look like this:

Yes, it already looks good, but for the presentation of “UFC” it looks too neat. You need to add blood stains. Create a new layer. Download the necessary brushes by clicking on this link.

Unzip the brushes and load them into Photoshop using the settings tool brush

Select the brush you just uploaded:

Now we will select the brush and add some blood on the new layer. . Such a brush was used.

Set the primary color # a2171a select brush tool and draw the spots in the same way as in the screenshot:

Now change the layer blending mode (blend mode) on overlay.

The result will be like this. Now this logo corresponds to the image of UFC.

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