Blue cool

Today I will talk about how you can create a beautiful blue text in a few simple steps.

Step 1. Let’s start by creating a new document. The author suggests the size 600 × 300 pix. Fill it with black. Then enter your text using the tool HorizontalTypeTool (“Horizontal text”) with parameters: Arial Black, regular, 48 pt and color # 84C4FF.

Step 2. Next, set the layer style Layer > LayerStyle(“Layers – Layer Style”):

Step 3. In the new text layer, re-enter your text, but now in white.

Step 4. Now adjust the style of this layer:

Select blending layer options Darken (“Replace with a dark one” or “linear dimmer” for your taste).

Step 5. Now create a rectangular selection around our text and copy it. Edit > CopyMerged (“Editing – copy merged data”). Come back Edit > Paste (“Editing – Paste”) and get a new layer. For this layer, apply the motion blur filter. Filter > Blur > MotionBlur. Set: Angle 0, offset 102 pix.

Step 6. Layer style setting again:

Step 7. Here we will add another Motion Blur with the same layer settings.

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