Bright glowing text in Photoshop

If you need to make glowing text in Photoshop, then this lesson is for you. This lesson will show you clearly how to turn an ordinary colored inscription into a bright headline that adds zest to your work.

Getting started. Create a document by setting the necessary settings. Do not skimp on the size, so that when you transfer the text to your main work, the quality of the text does not deteriorate. I took these settings:

The next step is to create a good background for our text. To emphasize the brightness of the text for sure, we will play on the contrast, making the background dark. Fill the background with black, then set the main color in the toolbar to dark yellow, as shown below:

Next, click Filter -> Render -> Clouds (Filter -> Styling -> Clouds).This will create a good background dynamics for our work.

Before we finish the work on the background, create another layer, holding CTRL + SHIFT + N. Using a large soft brush, paint a large spot in the center of the new layer. Set the value Opacity by 55%, this will create a nice glow effect for our background.

Now we are ready to work on the text. Write the right word in the center of our work. Choose the font that you like.

Use the settings of our favorite Layer Style (Layer Style), to make our text bright. Simply double-click on the text layer, and the desired window will open itself. Let’s start with Drop Shadow (Shadow). Set the settings as shown below:

Go to settings Inner Shadow (Inner shadow). We expose everything as below (color #f0ebc5):

Further settings Bevel and emboss. Again, as below (color # d5b900):

Satin (Gloss). Settings (color # f5ca2d):

And the last is a gradient. The settings are as follows (gradient from # 952e2f to white):

Well, we got a beautiful text. Looks good, huh? Already want to go back to your project and apply this text there? Take your time, our work is not over.

Now do one more thing. Create a new layer and name it whatever you want, the main thing is to make sure that this layer will be located behind the text layer. Now, while holding CTRL, click on the text layer – this way we create a selection as text:

We press Select -> Modify -> Expand (Selection -> Modification -> Expand), install value of 6 pixels and click OK. Now, clicking on the new layer that we created in the previous step, fill the selection with color # f0ebc5.

Now moving into Filter -> Blur -> Motion Blur (Filter -> Blur -> Blur in motion). Settings as below:

Repeat the previous step, just set the value Angle (Angle) not 90, but 0.

Change Blend Mode (Blend Mode) layer on Vivid Light (bright light).

Now press Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur (Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur) and set the value to 20 pixels.

Everything is almost done! We admire:

Well, add some more text to make our work look like a real poster:

All is ready!

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