Chocolate Valentine in Photoshop

Soon the Valentine’s Day and you have a great opportunity to prepare a postcard for this holiday! I wish you good mood and inspiration while doing this lesson!

The lesson will tell you how to make a background with a funnel effect, as well as which layer styles you can use to create a chocolate text.

When you finish the main stages, you can also add your personal photos – it will make your postcard even more interesting!

Materials for the lesson:


Step one

As always, let’s start work with creating a new canvas. Am I choosing a document size – 2320? 1436 pixels.

Step 2

Create a new layer and fill it with caramel color #A1643B. Next, use the tool Brush (Brush tool) and draw brown (211712) plot on a light background.

You can use any other colors, but keep the bright color around the edges and darker color – in the center!

Step 3

Now we go to “Filter > Plastics“(Filter> Liquify) and activate the tool Deformation (Forward Warp). Using this tool, mix the background based on the image below.

Step 4

Then go to “Filter> Distortion> Twist“(Filter> Distort> Twirl). Set the angle to about 368 °, click OK.

Tip: Normally, when you apply filters, you cannot adjust the original image. But it can be corrected! Before using any filter, it is enough to convert the layer to Smart Object (Smart Object). To do this, go to “Layer> Convert to Smart Object“(Layer> Convert to Smart Object).

After converting the layer to a smart object, you can use a filter, and it will be applied without destroying the original image, you can change the settings at any time!

Having done a few simple steps, we got the following background:

Step 5

Now let’s work on the text. I will draw the text by hand. Activate the tool Brush (Brush tool). I chose a round black brush, hardness – 100%, size – 40px. Write your message.

You can also use any ready-made font that you like.

Step 6

Let’s get back to “Filter> Plastic“(Filter> Liquify). We deform the text so as to give it a softer” fused “effect, as shown in the figure below.

Step 7

Now is the time to add some layer styles to the holiday text. Go to the “tab”Layer > Layer styles > Shadow“(Layer> Layer Style> Drop Shadow).

Use the settings shown below. DO NOT click “OK” (for now).

Step 8

Add Stamping(Bevel and Emboss):

Press on “Gloss contour“(Gloss Contour) to open Contour Editor (Contour Editor). Create a contour as shown in the figure below.

Click the tab “Circuit” (Contour). Open up Contour Editor (Contour Editor). Create an outline like this:

Step 9

We will also add a layer style to the text. “Gloss” (Satin):

Set the contour as shown in the figure below.

Step 10

Enable the “Gradient overlay“(Gradient Overlay), then set the options below. Click on the gradient to open Gradient editor (Gradient Editor).

We use colors for our gradient # 6F3B14, # 512E15, and 2f0D03 (from left to right).

Step 11

The last layer style we need is “Pattern Overlay” (Pattern Overlay). Apply the following settings:

Here is our main text:

Step 12

Next, we will add the accompanying text. To do this, create a new layer. Download and install the font “Fiolex Girls”. Activate the tool Text (Text tool). Write a new text (about 2-5 times smaller than the main one).

We also add a chocolate effect to the additional text. It’s very simple – copy and paste the style of the main text layer. To do this, select the layer with the caption, then go to the “Layer > Layer style > Copy layer style“(Layer> Layer Style> Copy Layer Style). Select a layer with small text and go to”Layer > Layer style > Paste style layer“(Layer> Layer Style> Paste Layer Style).

Step 13

Now I want to add romantic symbolism. To do this, download the font “” LM Cupids “and select any picture you like. I will use the symbol under the letter” U “.

Step 14

Add a chocolate effect to your symbolism. Use the instructions from step number 12.

Step 15

Add a drop at the top of the image.
Start by creating a new layer, place it above all other layers. Use the tool Pen (Pen) to create the shape as shown below. Right-click on the contour of the drop and select “To form a selected area“(Make Selection). This will create a selection out of the way. Fill the selected area with brown color.

Step 16

Now you need to repeat the action with the addition of a layer style. Select one of the previous layers in which the chocolate effect is created, then go to “Layer > Layer style > Copy layer style“(Layer> Layer Style> Copy Layer Style). Select a layer with a drip then go to”Layer > Layer style > Paste style layer“(Layer> Layer Style> Paste Layer Style).

If the effect doesn’t look the way you like, you can adjust the settings by going to Layer style (Layer Style), or just go to menu “Layer – Layer Style – Effects of Layer Effects” (Layer> Layer Style> Scale Effects).

Here is what we have at this stage:

Step 17

Add splashes to the bottom of the drawing, using the technique that we used to create the drop.

And so, create a new layer and draw a spray using Pen (Pen Tool). Right click on the contour select “To form a selected area“(Make Selection). Fill the selection with a brown color. Follow the steps to copy the style of the chocolate effect layer and paste it into the spray layer (“Layer > Layer style > Copy Layer Style \ Paste Layer Style “(Layer> Layer Style> Copy / Paste Layer Style)).

Step 18

Our postcard is almost finished! To complete the drawing, add some more drips from above (use the same method that is used to create the first drop). Move the image of the cherry into the work and place it where you like.

Do not forget to experiment with color! You can add an adjustment layer “Color tone \ Saturation“(Hue / Saturation). Place this layer above the background layer with chocolate pool. To do this, go to”Layer – New Adjustment Layer – Hue \ Saturation“(Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Hue / Saturation), edit the settings for your own mood!

As a gift I attach the file of this postcard to the lesson PSD

Happy Holidays!

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