Combination of effects

In this Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to successfully combine two text effects.

Create a new document in Photoshop

The size: 400 x 150
Background: the black

Select the text tool and write something on your document

Add the following styles to the text layer (double-click on the text layer to open the layer style window):

Select there – Drop Shadow

Inner shadow:

External glow:

Internal luminescence:


In the volume settings, click on the window with the contour and set the contour of this type:

Then, under the volume line, select the Outline option.

Set the following settings:

There also click on the window with the contour and draw the contour of this form.

Then select the Atlas style.

Set the contour:

Fill color:


And this is what we get after painstakingly applying various effects:

Now rasterize the text layer (menu Layer (Layer)> Rasterize > type (text)

Duplicate this layer (click Ctrl + j )

And then add these styles:

Drop the shadow again –

Then the inner shadow:

External and internal luminescence:


Change the contour in the volume window:

Go to the tab “contour”

We give the local contour this look:

Satin effect:

Here we also change the contour:

Fill color:


And here is the result:

Now select the rectangular selection tool. and do the same as in the picture:

Make sure that a black background layer is currently selected.
Go to menu Edit> Transform> Warp

From the drop-down window, please select the form “ flag “-” flag, then press Enter to apply the settings:

Like this:

You will notice that the background layer has changed a bit. No problems. We do not need a background yet.

Select the top layer in the layers panel (in our case it was called Talk copy)

Then take the tool Eraser and start deleting those parts of the image that are inside the selection.

Now go to menu Select> Inverse
(or click SHIFT + CTRL + I )

Select the first text layer (in our case, the name for it “TALK” is the middle layer in your palette)

Take the eraser and start deleting another part of the text.

Then click CTRL + D , to deselect.

Select the paint bucket tool , and fill your background layer with black paint

See what happens!

We hope that you liked this text effect, and that you did much better.

See you at www.!

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