Cooking strawberry cake in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a realistic fruit pie for text in Photoshop using any font, texture, and layer styles. I chose strawberries, as it is the most popular, but you can try it with any combination of fruit. This effect can be applied not only to text, but also to forms. Experiment to your taste.

The result of the lesson.

Materials for the lesson

Let’s start. Download and install the font. Create a new document, the size depends on your text. Write any text.

Rasterize the text layer. Next you have to change the text, creating the effect of rounded corners.

Next, load the text selection and with any active selection tool select the function Refine edge (Specify Edge). Enter these settings

Fill the selection with color on the new layer.

Or add a layer mask


This is what should happen with our text.

Select Paint bucket tool (Fill) and fill the middle of the letter D. This step is optional.

Name the text layer Strawberry pie text. Duplicate the layer and rename to Pie border. Now we will add different effects and styles for each layer. Let’s start with the layer Pie border. Select this layer and add styles.

It should be something like this.

Install a set of brushes in Photoshop, which you will find in the archive to the lesson. Load layer selection Pie border and create a work path. In the brush set, select a brush. pie border and with active tool Pen tool (Pen) on the new layer stroke the outline. Name this layer Pie deco border place it below layer Pie border in the layers panel. Click delete to delete the outline

Translator’s Note: To create an outline from a selection, select any selection tool, right-click and select Make work path (Create Work Contour).

Next, go to the layer Pie border. Choose a tool Magic wand tool (Magic Wand), on the top toolbar, select the mode Add to selection (Add to Selection) and click inside each letter.

Go to layer Pie deco border and click delete or pressed Alt add a layer mask.

Install the PAT texture file in Photoshop, which you will find in the archive for the lesson. Add styles to this layer.


Go back to the layer Strawberry pie text and add styles.

This layer should look something like this.

As a final touch, I added some sugar to our strawberry pie. Choose a tool Brush tool (Brush), color is white. In the downloaded and installed set choose a brush sugar. Create a new layer above all layers, load the layer selection Pie border and draw sugar. I also added a layer-style tablecloth to the background layer. Pattern overley (Overlapping Pattern), which is included in the same package with patterns and style Bevel Emboss (Emboss) to create bumps on the tablecloth.

And in order to cut a piece of cake, create a triangular selection. To do this, create with the pen the outline of a triangle, convert the outline into a selection. Save the selection by going to the menu. Select-Save Selection (Selection-Save Selection), give your name to the saved selection.

Select any selection tool, go to layer Strawberry pie text and cut the selection to a new layer. To cut a piece on layers with a smart object (Pie border and Shadow) – these layers must first be rasterized. Next, load the saved selection of the triangle again. Select-load selection (Selection-Load Selection), in the window, find your selection name and cut the selection to a new layer.

Similarly, cut a piece on layers with sugar and shadow. Create a group above all layers, move all layers with cut out pieces to this group. Next, move this group at your discretion.

The final result.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Enjoy your meal!

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