Cracked text effect

This Photoshop tutorial will show you how easy it is to make text with cracks.

Step 1.

Start by creating a new Photoshop document about the size of 250×180, and black background.
For this lesson, the author uses a font called Tabun, but you can of course take any font you want.

Write something in gray, use these settings:

Rasterize the layer – right-click on the text layer and select “rasterize layer”.
Apply a filter to the letters noise (filter> noise> add noise), use the following settings.

Step 2.

Make a selection – Ctrl + click on the text layer.
Create a new layer. under the text layer.

Extend the selection to 7 pixels (MENU> select> modify> expand)
and fill this layer with dark gray # 454545

Step 3.

Add volume (layer> layer> style> bevel embossa) dark gray layer using these settings:

Add a texture fill (layer> layer style> pattern overlay), select the folder with textures called Patterns

There select texture “metal landscape” (metal landscape)
Set the following settings:

Now the text should be like this:

Step 4.

Make a selection using Ctrl + click on the layer with the original text. Expand on 1 px (MENU – select> modify> expand)
Create a new layer.

Fill a new layer with color. # 514141.
Blend the selection (MENU – select> feather)

Reduce selection by 7 px (MENU – select> modify> contract)
Press the button Delete – the selected area will be removed, make the image smooth (layer> flatten image) and duplicate this layer (layer – duplicate the layer).



Step 5.

Apply the duplicated layer filter (filter> sharpen> sharpen).
That’s all – take the cracks on the letters :)

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