Create 3D text in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use layer styles to create a beautiful bright retro text effect. Then, how to use brushes to add sparkles, and retro decorations in the form of lines for the background.
The final result.


Step 1. Set the foreground color to # 424100 and the background color to # 161400, activate the tool Gradient, then spend Diamond Gradient (Diamond Gradient) from the center of the document to one of the corners.

Open the image of the clouds and place it on top of the background with a gradient. Resize the image to fit the document, and Blend mode layer (Blend Mode) on Soft Light.

Step 2. Write text using color # 47460e. The font used in the Marbold lesson is 250 pixels. You need to set the value Tracking (Tracking) by about 75, to avoid duplication.

Duplicate the text layer and set Fill (Fill) copies up to 0%.

Double-click on the original text layer to add an Add a layer style:
External glow (Outer Glow): Change the Blend Mode (Blend Mode) to Bright light (Vivid Light), color # fcfcfb, and Size (size) to 16.

Internal glow (Inner Glow): Change the Blend Mode (Blend Mode) to Bright light (Vivid Light), color # fcfcfb, the spread of the glow From the Center (Center) and Size (Size) 30.

Gloss (Satin): Change Blend Mode (Blend Mode) to Overlap (Overlay) and color on # 6f9ad0.

Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay): Change the blending mode (Blend Mode) to Overlap (Overlay), Opacity (Opacity) up to 45%, Style (Style) Mirror (Reflected), and Scale (Scale) to

This will add a nice shine and originality to the text layer.

Step 3. Double-click on a layer of copy text to add a layer (Add a layer style) Tisnenie (Bevel and Emboss): Change the Method (Technique) Hard cut (Chisel Hard), Size (Size) to 20, Contour (Gloss Contour) Inverted cone (Cone – Inverted) and check the Anti-aliased box.
In addition, we will change the Highlight Mode (Highlight Mode) to Overlay, its color to # e2e2e2, and the color of the Shadow Mode (Shadow Mode) at # 7d7d7d.
If you do not know how to add contours, you can see here.

Circuit (Contour): Select Invert – Gaussian (Guassian – Inverse) and check the Anti-aliased box.

This will add a retro effect, glow.

Step 4. Create a new document with a size of 20 x 64 pixels with a transparent background. Using a smooth round Brush (Brush), create three black dots of different sizes. Move on Image-> Image Size (Image-> Image Size) and change the document size to 5 x 16 pixels.

Then go to the menu Edit-> Define Brush (Edit -> Define Brush Preset) and enter the name of the brush.

Let’s go back to the original document and open the brushes settings panel. Window-> Brush (Window-> Brush). Form Dynamics (Shape Dynamics), choose Control: Direction from the drop-down menu under Angle swings (Angle Jitter). Also, make sure all other values ​​are set to 0.

Step 5. Create a new layer between the two layers with text and name it “Stroke”. Set the color to # a7a400.

Right-click on one of the text layers, and then select Create work path (Create Work Path).

Choose a tool Outline selection (Direct Selection Tool), make sure the “Stroke” layer is selected (active), then right-click on the path and select Perform a stroke (Stroke Path).

Select a brush from the drop-down menu and uncheck Simulate pressure (Simulate Pressure)

This will create a simple stroke.

Step 6. Click on the icon Create a new adjustment layer or fill layer (Create new fill or adjustment layer) in the layers palette, and select Photofitter (Photo Filter)

Choose a red filter.

Create a new layer on top of the copy layer with the text and name it “Sparkles”, and then change the blending mode (Blend Mode) toBright light (Vivid Light). Set the main color to # f4edd3, and add sparkles to the tassels of the stars, which you can download in the Resources section. In principle, one or two will be enough, but you can add more if you want.

Create a new layer under the original text layer and name it “Decoration”, then change Blend mode (Blend Mode) onBright light (Vivid Light) and Opacity up to 70%.

Use some brushes with lines that you can download at the beginning of the lesson to slightly decorate the background.

Finally, create a new layer below the background image (Layer 1) and name it “Retro lines”. Set the main color to # 424100, and also using brushes from the Retro Lines set, add a few lines to the background. Keep in mind that you can change the size of the brush, as you like.

This is the final effect. But you can look at the next step to see how to add some interesting colors so that the text looks even closer to “Retro”.

Step 7. Create a new layer on top of the “Sparkles” layer and name it “Colors”. Change Layer blend mode (Blend Mode) on Color tone (Hue).

Using a large soft round brush, add a few color spots to the text. This method adds a nice retro or vintage effect. The colors used in the lesson are # 00709e and # 960014, but you can try other colors.

If the colors look very bright, you can reduce the Opacity value of the “Colors” layer by 70%.

That’s what we did! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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