Create a colorful text effect in Photoshop

In this lesson we will create a light bright colorful effect for the text.
Final result:

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* version used by the author of Photoshop Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended
* image size, which is used in the lesson 1024 * 768 pixels.
* Some knowledge of the basics of FS is needed, for example, how to add a brush to FS and so on.


Step 1. Create a new document. Fill the background with black. Write your text using color #fff43e. In the lesson the author uses the font. ThickDeco, the size 250 pixels. If you want words to be separate from each other, then write each word on a separate layer. Create a group and move into it all the layers that relate to the text. Rename this group to original text “.

Now click on the group icon and drag it down the layers palette to the icon New Layer (New layer) to duplicate it. Right click on the duplicate group and select Merge Group (Merge group).

Step 2. Go back to the group original text “, Double click on any layer in the group and apply the following layer styles:
Outer Glow (External glow): change color to #fff43e, Range (Range) on 100%.

Inner Glow (Internal glow): color #fff43e, Size (The size) 10px, Range (Range) 60%.

We press OK, change layer parameter Fill (Fill) on 0%.

Now we need to copy the layer style and apply it to all layers in the group. To do this, right click on the layer with the style, select Copy Layer Style (Copy layer style). With the key held down Shift select all the layers in the group to which you want to apply the style, right click and select Paste Layer Style (Paste the layer style).

That is what should happen in the end. (To see the result, click on the eye next to the merged layer, above the group “original text”, but do not forget to turn it on again)

Step 3. Double click on the merged layeroriginal text copy “ and apply the following layer styles to it:
Inner Glow (Internal glow), leave the default settings.

Bevel and Emboss (Emboss and bevel): change Depth (Depth) on 225%, Size (The size) 2px, Gloss Contour (Contour gloss) put Valley – Low (Valley-Low). You must also check the box. Anti – aliased (Smoothing).

Contour (Circuit): just check the box Anti – aliased (Smoothing).

After you finish the settings, you need to change the layer original text copy “ Fill (Fill) on 0%.

Step 4. Select foreground color – white. Create a new layer, name it. Sparkles.
Download Sparkle Brushes by ~ Scully7491. Take the brush and change her Size (Size) approximately 35px Start drawing stars as sparks on a new layer, based on the picture of the author of the lesson. Try not to create them too much.

When you are done with asterisks, make two duplicate layers. Sparkles, and rename one of them to Vertical Blur, the other is in Horizontal blur. ” Move them above the layer. Sparkles.

Go to layer Vertical Blur, apply a filter to it Filter -> Blur -> Motion Blur (Filter-Blur-Blur in motion) with the following settings: Angle (Angle) 90 degrees Distance (Bias) 135 pixels

Then go to layer Horizontal Blur“And apply the same filter to it Filter -> Blur -> Motion Blur(Filter-Blur-Blur in motion) with the following settings: Angle (Angle) 0 degrees Distance (Bias) 135 pixels.

Step 5. The final stage is the addition of color. Create a new layer and name it. color “. Edit this layer Blend Mode (Blend Mode) on Color (Chromaticity). Take a round soft brush Size (Size) about 350 pixels You can use the buttons. [ to increase brush size and ] to reduce brush size. Draw bright colored spots using the colors you like best.

Choose contrasting colors and add a few spots like in the picture until all the text is colored. You can change the blending mode to Normal (Normal) to see the result, but then be sure to change it back to Color (Chromaticity).

Here we are done!

Final result:

Option translator lesson:

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