Create a cross-stitch effect in photoshop

Learn how to create a cross stitch effect in Photoshop, which you can apply to create original text effects using fabric and other textures of matter. This effect is only for text and numbers, so if you suddenly want to convert an image / figure / illustration into a cross-stitch, you will have to use a brush. Cross stitch, and this process is very slow. To speed up the process, you can apply a special action.

Final image:

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a realistic cross-stitch effect in Photoshop using a cross-stitched font and brushes. Stitch. Also for our effect, we need an outline as a background. We will use a real canvas, turned into a seamless Photoshop pattern.

Step 1

To begin with, we will create a wooden tabletop. You can use a wooden texture or choose any other background you want.

Draw a rectangle using the tool. Rectangular marquee tool (Rectangular selection) and fill the selection; choose any color you want, it doesn’t matter. Name this layer Canvas.

Step 2

To make the edges of the canvas a little wavy and more realistic, we need to apply a ripple effect, but before that, make a copy of the original rectangle and hide it, we will need it later. Go to menu Filter> Distort (Filter> Distortion) and select Ripple (Ripple) with the following settings.

Step 3

Time to insert a real canvas pattern; here, the texture of the canvas is used to create a seamless pattern, which you will find in the archive in the source materials of this lesson.

To layer Canvas add a layer mask and apply a filter to this mask Noise (Noise). To do this, go to the menu Filter> Noise (Filter> Noise) and select Add noise (Add Noise) with the following settings.

Step 4

Make a selection layer Canvas no ripple effect (use an earlier saved copy, make it visible). Extend selection to 5 px via menu Select> Modify> Expand (Select> Modify> Expand) and at the bottom of the panel Paths (Outlines) click on the icon Make a Work Path (Create a work path from the selected area).

Step 5

Create a new layer and name it. Fringe. Use brushes Fringe from the archive to circle the outline. Use brush color # ddd8cd.

Translator’s Note: Select the contour, select the tool Pen Tool (Pen), right-click on it and select Stroke path (Run the outline of the contour). In the window that opens, select Brush (Brush) and click OK. Now the fringe will be drawn along the edges of the canvas.

Step 6

Tool Rectangular marquee tool (Rectangular selection) highlight each corner of the fringe. Press key Shift, to perform multiple selection. Press key Delete, to remove the fringe, as shown in the image below, since it is not appropriate at the corners.

Step 7

Now let’s add a cross-stitch text using the Embroidery font. Just download the font and install it in Photoshop. Write any text you want.

Step 8

To make the cross stitch look more realistic, you can simply add layer styles. Drop Shadow (Shadow) and Bevel and Emboss (Embossed).

Step 9

This effect is ideal for text and numbers, but if you want to draw something, you’ll have to use another method. For creating cross stitch brush used a free font embroidered with a cross; you will find the brush itself in the archive in the source materials of this lesson.

Select new created cross stitch brush and in different colors you can add simple lines or even draw more complex shapes.

Step 10

As a final touch duplicate the layer Canvas and place it over all the layers. Decrease the parameter Fill (Fill) of this layer to 0% and add layer style to it Gradient overlay (Gradient overlay) as shown in the image below. This method will create a beautiful fold effect.

Below is the result for a cross-stitch effect in Photoshop. You can try to combine this effect with other Stitch brushes to create unique embroidery effects.

Note: A variety of Stitch brushes can be downloaded from the link at the beginning of the lesson.

This method is rather slow, and it works best only with text, so if you want to turn some image into a cross-stitch, it will be quite difficult. To do this, you can try premium files (paid): Mock-up Cross-stitch and Photoshop action Cross-stitch.

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