Create a grunge text effect in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we will look at how a texture is applied to a capital letter to create a unique effect. The main goal of the lesson is to understand the clipping mask.

Final result:

Lesson resources:

Step 1. Create a new document (Ctrl + N) with a black background and tool. Horizontal text(Horizontal Type Tool) (T) create a large letter K.

Open the broken land image in a separate document. Tool Rectangular area (Rectangular Marquee Tool) (M) create a selection of a part of the texture, as shown below.

Tool Move (Move Tool) (V) transfer the selected part to our document. Tool Free transform (Ctrl + T) resize and rotate the texture. Arrange it as shown below.

Step 2. Right click on the texture layer and select Create clipping mask (Create Clipping Mask).

The result will be:

Repeat the process a few more times to impose a texture on the entire letter.

Step 3. Now you need to hide part of the letter. Add to the text layer layer mask (Layer> Layer Mask> Show All) (Layer> Layer Mask> Reveal All).

Choose a tool Brush(Brush Tool) (B) with soft edges and black color, hide parts of the letter on the mask.

You can also create adjustment layers with a clipping mask (Ctrl + Alt + G). In this case, the correction will affect only the layer below. If you create an adjustment layer through the main menu Layer> New Adjustment Layer (Layer> New Adjustment Layer), then in the first window, set the value Use previous layer to create clipping mask. (Use Previous Layer to Create Clipping Mask).

Try adding a couple of adjustment layers (Levels, Curves) so that they only affect the text.

Step 4. In the future we will work on adding bursts. The application of the clipping mask will no longer be considered. You can stop at this.
Create a new layer. (Ctrl + Shift + N) with a brush of water, draw a splash.

Go to menu Filter> Plastic (Filter> Liquify) and change the shape of the splash as shown below.

In the same way, create several different bursts. Arrange them on the letter. To erase the edges, use a pixel mask or tool. Eraser(Eraser Tool) (E) with soft edges.

Step 5. Using the cloud brushes, paint the areas marked in the following screenshot.

Place some grunge texture on the edges of the canvas.

Flatten all layers (Layer> Flatten) (Layer> Flatten Image). Make a copy of the resulting layer and apply a filter to it Edge emphasis (Filter> Strokes> Focus on Edges) Filter> Brush Strokes> Accented Edges). Add a mask to this layer and black brush to hide the effect of the filter on the copy at your discretion.

Finally, make a small color correction with the help of adjustment layers.

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