Create a messy cracked text in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a dirty, cracked text with the effect of blood.

Additional materials:

Step 1. Start by creating a new document with a black background. Size choose at your discretion. Load the cracked texture into Photoshop and select the part:

Copy (CTRL + C) and paste (CTRL + V) the selected area on our document, soft eraser (E) remove some parts of the texture to add depth to the image:

Add adjustment layers to the texture layer:

Black and white (Black and white)

Levels (Levels)

And we get this effect:

Step 2. Use the downloaded font to print the text in the center of the canvas:

Apply to text layer mixing mode Layer – Layer Style (Layer – Layer Style):

Drop shadow (Shadow)

Bevel and Emboss (Chamfer and embossing)

Gradient overlay (Gradient overlap)

Stroke (Stroke)

Reduce the opacity of the text layer to about 50% and get the following result:

Duplicate the text layer (CTRL + J) and increase the copy opacity to 100%, slightly moving it up and to the left to create a 3D effect:

Step 3. Now we can add a dirt effect to the text. Load the text selection by clicking on the layer thumbnail, then create a new layer above all the previous ones and with a brush in the form of mud draw on the text:

Do not overdo it with the added effect:

We can also use this technique to create cracks in the text, as shown below:

For best results, the size of the brush should match the size of the letters:


Step 4. Now we can add some blood effect to the text. To do this, we can use a brush in the form of a dark red mud. Create a new layer and draw blood stains:

We can also add the effect of dripping blood. Create a new layer and paint with a red brush to draw a large point, as shown below:

We use Filter – Liquify (Filter – Plastic) to deform the red dot and form a drop:

We attach it to the text and adjust the size using transformation (CTRL + T):

Then change the layer blending mode to Color burn (Dimming the base) and we get the following result:

Duplicate (CTRL + J) a layer with a drop several times and place the copies in different places of the text (adjust their size):

Step 5. Now let’s add a light effect on the text. Create a new layer above all previous and soft ones. brush (B) white color do one click:

Then compress it using transformation (CTRL + T):

Duplicate (CTRL + J) this layer and rotate it 90 degrees:

We merge these two layers together and arrange them as shown below:

Step 6. We are almost done! Merge all layers together and apply a filter. Smart sharpen (Smart Sharpen) to sharpen text. Then create a correction layer. Selective color (Selective color correction):

Tip: set the opacity of the adjustment layer to about 50% for a softer effect.

Add adjustment layers Curves (Curves) and Levels (Levels) to add contrast and depth to text:

Curves (Curves)

Levels (Levels)

Editing adjustment mask:

As you can see below, now the text has become more contrast and the blood looks more realistic:

And my final result:

(click on image to enlarge)

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