Create a simple gold text in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a golden text using one of Photoshop’s useful features — layer styles. After the text is ready, you can save the created style and then apply it every time you need to make a golden text.

Final result:

Step 1. Create a background

First you need to create a simple background for the text. To do this, create a new document. (File – New) (File> New) (Ctrl + N). The size of the document set the one that you need (in this lesson, the author has created a document of 1000x600px).

Fill the created document with a dark brown color (# 211901).

For foreground color, set yellow (# fee86a) and select a soft brush. 500px (Brush Tool) (B). Create a new layer. (Shift + Ctrl + N) and brush with the selected yellow color, click once in the center of the document. Change the layer blend mode from yellow spot to Bright light (Vivid Light) and reduce opacity (Opacity) up to 50%.

Step 2. Add text

To write text, use the tool Text (Horizontal Type Tool) (T). This lesson uses the Times Bold font with a size of 200px, the text color is black. Font you can choose here.

Now we will add layer styles to the text to make it gold.

Step 3. Add a layer style overlay gradient

Add a layer style to the text layer. Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay) and set the parameters as shown in the screenshot:


Step 4. Add a layer style overlay color

Now add a style to the text layer. Color overlay (Color Overlay):


Step 5. Add layer emboss style

To add depth to the text, apply a layer style to it. Stamping (Bevel and Emboss):


Step 6. Add Inner Shadow Layer Style

Add the Inner Shadow style to the text layer:


Step 7. Add the Stroke layer style.

To make the edges of the text clearer, add a layer style. Stroke (Stroke):


Step 8. Add Shadow Layer Style

Add a style to the text layer. Shadow (Drop Shadow):


Step 9. Add layer style External Glow

At the end, add a layer style. External glow (Outer Glow). It will give the text more depth.

Step 10. Save the created styles for the golden text.

If you wish, you can save the created layer styles for the golden text, in order to apply them to any other text. To save layer styles, in the palette Layers (Layers) click on the text layer to make it active, then open the palette Styles (Styles panel) (Window – Styles) (Window> Styles) and in its lower part click on the button Create New Style (Create new style).

In the dialog box that appears, write the name of the style to be saved, check the box next to the word Include layer styles (Include Layer Effects).

Click OK and now your saved styles will appear in the palette. Layer styles (Styles panel) (Window – Styles) (Window> Styles). To add the saved styles to the text, write the text and just click on this style.

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