Create a snowy text in Photoshop

In this lesson we will create a snowy icy text during a storm.

Final result:

Lesson resources:

Step 1. Open the PSD file you downloaded. There will already be 3D text created in Adobe Illustrator.

Note: Lessons on creating 3D text in Photoshop CS5 can be found here:
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Double-click on the text layer to open the styles window. Apply the following styles:

Gradient overlay:

Pattern Overlay:


Step 2. Now slightly change the color of the text with the help of adjustment layers. For each such layer you need to create clipping mask (Ctrl + Alt + G). To get a list of adjustment layers, click on the black and white circle icon at the bottom of the layers palette.

Color balance:



Step 3. Now we will create a snow on the text. Create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N) above the text one. Click on it with the right mouse button and select New. clipping mask (Create Clipping Mask). Import a set of grunge brushes provided at the beginning of the lesson. In white paint the text of one of these brushes.

Using the ice brushes, paint the edges of the text.

Open the image of the snow field, select the tool Lasso (Lasso Tool) and in the settings set Feathering (Feather) – 30 pixels. Create a selection as shown below.

Tool Move(Move Tool) (V) drag the selection to the main document and place it under the text layer. Activate the tool Free transform (Ctrl + T), right-click on the canvas and select the Distortion mode. Change the snow surface in the direction of the text.

Choose a tool Eraser(Eraser Tool) (E) and erase parts of the snow surface, as shown below.

Make several copies of the snowy layer (Ctrl + J). Place one copy on the left and the other on the bottom right.

Step 4. Now we will create a windy effect. Select a layer with snow on the text (which is with a clipping mask) and make a copy of it (Ctrl + J). Place this layer on top of all others, go to mode Deformations (Edit> Transform> Warp) (Edit> Transform> Warp). Change the shape of the snow as shown below.


Make several copies of this layer and place them around the text as shown below.

Go to the original text layer and tool Eraser(Eraser Tool) (E) with a small brush, erase the lower part of the text.

Step 5. At the end we will add a polar bear. Open a photo of a bear and use any convenient tool to create a selection around it. You can use the tool for this. Lasso(Lasso Tool) (L) or Pen(Pen Tool) (P).

Transfer the selection to the main document and position the bear to the left of the text. The bear layer should be under the layers of the snow layers.

Additionally, you can add some more snow texture and a cloud around the text.

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