Create a stone text with fire and lightning in Photoshop

?In this tutorial, I will show you step by step how to create a stone text effect surrounded by fire and lightning. For work we will use stock photos with stones, fire and lightning in combination with brush painting.

This lesson is designed for users who have experience with layers, color correction and masks.

Please note that the lesson is done in Photoshop CC, so some screenshots may differ from earlier versions of the program. And some brushes are only in Photoshop CS6 and higher.

Here is the final result:

Let’s start!

Step 1

Create a new document with a size of 1440 x 800 pixels with a black background. Load the image with stones into Photoshop and select the area as shown below.

Copy (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V) the selection onto the working document and adjust the size to fill the entire workspace (Ctrl + T):

With a soft eraser (E), we remove the central part of the texture, and also adjust the edges to create a smooth fade effect.

Above the layer with stones, add adjustment layers and transform them into clipping masks:

Black and white (Black and white)

And we get the following result:

Step 2

Choose any font and write the letter A in the center of the working canvas:

We return to the document with the stones and select a small area:

Copy and paste the selected elements to the letter A, as shown below:

To get a more interesting result, adjust the size and rotation of the stones (Ctrl + T):

We get the following result:

Step 3

Around the letters add floating stones. To do this, we cut out small sections of stones and paste them next to the letter.

Apply color correction to this stone:

Black and white (Black and white)

Levels (Levels)

We get a black stone. This is necessary in order to add depth to the picture.

Add more black stones around the letter:

Step 4

Above all previous layers add adjustment layers:

Black and white (Black and white)

Levels (Levels)

Curves (Curves)

And we get the following result:

Step 5

Now we add cracks in the rocks and lightning. To do this, use the downloaded set of brushes “Lightning”.

Above the previous layers we add a new layer, set the brush color with a zipper to black and draw the cracks on the stones:

Then change the brush color to white and add lightning:

Step 6

Open a picture with fire in Photoshop and select a part with Lasso Tool(L) (Lasso), as shown below (preset the parameter Feather (Feather) 40 pixels):

Copy and paste the selection to the working paper, reduce the size and set the blending mode to Hard Light (Hard light).

Add a fire on the stones:

Repeat the process and add more fire on the stones:

Apply any brush with particles and add them around the letter.

We get this effect:

Using corrective layers, we experiment with color correction and get the final version:

To make your work look unique, do not be afraid to experiment with colors.

That’s all! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and learned something useful.

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