Create a stylish bronze text in Photoshop

Using layer styles makes it easy to work with text and its styling. This tutorial will show you how to create an interesting and at the same time elegant bronze effect with just two text layers.

Final result


Step 1

Create a new document with the following parameters:

  • Width (Height): 1200 pix.
  • Height (Width): 800 pixels.
  • Resolution (Resolution): 200

Use the tool “Gradient” (Gradient tool) foreground color: (# 67402c) and background color (# 412a24). Gradient Type “Radial” (Radial). Fill “From main to background”(Foreground to Background). In the tool settings, make sure that you check the box “Dithering” (Dither) Draw a straight line from the top right to the bottom left corner to fill the background.

Add the texture of the wooden board to our document, change the blending mode for the layer with the board to “Multiplication” (Multiply).

Double click the left mouse button on the layer with the board and apply the layer style. Gradient overlay (Gradient overlay) with the following parameters:

  • Blend mode (Blend mode): “Multiplication“(Multiply)
  • Opacity (Opacity): 75%
  • Gradient (Gradient): from transparent to black
  • Scale (Scale): 150%
  • Style (Style): radial (Radial)

This way you will apply a vignette effect to the texture of the wooden board.

Step 2

Add text with the tool “Horizontal text”(Horisontal text tool) using the font“ Old London ”color: (# 8a623b) the size (Size) 100 points.

Duplicate the original text layer by pressing the key combination (Ctrl + J), set the level “Fillings”(Fill) for a copy of the text layer 0%.

Step 3

Double-click on the original text layer with the left mouse button and apply the following styles with the appropriate parameters:

Stamping (Bevel and Emboss)

  • Depth (Depth): 250%
  • The size (Size): 13 pixels.
  • Angle (Angle): 120 degrees
  • Height (Altitude): 30 degrees
  • Mode backlight (Highilight Mode): “Bright shine“(Vivid Light)
  • Colour: (#dedede)
  • Opacity (Opacity): 75%
  • Mode the shadows (Shadow Mode): Multiplication“(Multiply)
  • Colour: (# 171514)

Circuit (Contour)

  • Circuit (Contour): “Ring“(Ring)
  • Check the box “Smoothing”

Texture (Texture)

  • Pattern(Pattern): (Iron Grip)

Stroke (Stroke)

  • The size (Size): 1 pix.
  • Position (Position): “Inside” (Inside)
  • Stroke Type (Fill type): “Gradient”(Gradient) (The gradient itself is called (Gold Label 230w), you can find it among the materials from the loaded set at the beginning of the lesson)
  • Gradient style (Style): “Mirror”(Reflected)
  • Angle (Angle): 90 degrees

Internal glow (Inner Glow)

  • Blend mode(Blend mode): “Linear light” (Linear light)
  • Opacity (Opacity): 75%
  • Colour: (# 74675b)
  • The size (Size): 5 pixels.

Gradient Overlay (Gradient Overlay)

  • Blend mode (Blend mode): “Soft Light” (Soft Light)
  • Opacity (Opacity): 35%
  • Gradient Name: (Gold 24k – 20L) from the same set.
  • Style (Style): “Linear” (Linear)
  • Angle (Angle): 45 degrees
  • Scale (Scale): 150%

Shadow (Drop Shadow)

  • Bias (Distance): 14 pixels.
  • The size (Size): 10 pixels.

And so we gave our text basic styles.

Step 4

Double-click the left mouse button on the copy of the text layer and apply the following styles with the appropriate parameters:

Stamping (Bevel and Emboss)

  • Depth (Depth): 100%
  • The size (Size): 5 pixels.
  • Uncheck “Global Lighting” (use Global light)
  • Angle (Angle): 45 degrees
  • Height (Altitude): 50 degrees
  • Gloss contour: “Cone” (Cone)
  • Check the box “Smoothing”
  • Mode backlight (Highilight Mode): “Bright Light” (Vivid Light)
  • Tsvet: (#FFFFFF)
  • Opacity (Opacity): 75%
  • Mode the shadows(Shadow Mode): “Multiplication“(Multiply)
  • Colour: (# 000000)
  • Opacity (Opacity): 0%

Circuit (Contour)

  • Circuit (Contour): “Linear” (Linear)
  • Check the box “Smoothing”

Thus, we apply the styles to the second layer, thereby enhancing the brightness and clarity of the first text layer.

You can also use this effect to decorate decorative brushes / patterns that are presented in the lesson resources.

I hope you enjoyed this simple lesson!

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