Create a sunny text in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we will create a brilliant Sunny text effect using layer styles and blur filters. This is a simple lesson, but the result is amazing.

This is what should happen.

The size of the final image is 1024 * 768

Materials for the lesson:

Step 1. Start by filling the background of the gradient shading “Shine_BG” which you can download in the Resources section of this lesson, or you can create your own using colors # c8a445 and 534215. Select Radial gradient (Radial Gradient), and draw a gradient from the center to any of the corners of the document.

You can change the background color using layers “levels” and / or “hue and saturation” if you want a brighter background color.

Step 2. Write the text you want to use in this lesson, the font used is “Tw Cen MT”, size (50 pixels), and the color # d5b900. The name of the text layer must be the same as its content, in this case, “Shine”.

Step 3. Double-click on the “Shine” text layer and enter the following values, you may need to adjust or change the value if the text size is larger or smaller than in the lesson.

Begin by applying a layer style. Shadow (Drop Shadow) need to change color 928505.

Then Inner shadow (Inner Shadow) using color # f0ebc5, Change Blend Mode (Blend Mode) to Overlap (Overlay), and change the outline to Semicircular.

Now, add Stamping (Bevel and Emboss), change the Size (Size) value (9), and Soften (Soften) value (3), change the Contour (Gloss Contour) to the Notched Slope, and finally change the Shadow Mode ) on Overlay with the color # d5b900.

Now we are going to apply Gloss (Satin) effect to add more text depth. Change the Blend Mode to Blend Mode on the Screen (Screen), color # f5ca2d, and change the “Contour” to Deep Deep (Cove – Deep).

The last effect we will apply is Gradient overlap (Gradient Overlay). Change the blending mode (Belnd Mode) to Soft Light, click on the button. Gradient (Gradient) to open Gradient editor (Gradient Editor), you can load a gradient that can be downloaded in the Resources section in the beginning of this tutorial, or simply create a gradient by typing color values ​​# 952e2f and Ffffff.

Step 4. Now we need to create a selection for the text. Hold key Ctrl and without releasing it, right-click on the thumbnail of the text layer (When the cursor is on the icon, you will see that it changes its shape to a pointing hand with a dashed box. Thus, we created a selection around the text.).

Step 5. Create a new layer below the Shine layer, and rename it to Light. Go to Menu Selection – Modification – Expand and enter a value of -6 (Menu – Modify – Expand, and type the value-6), this will expand the current selection by 6 pixels. Make sure you are on Layer Light, and fill in the expanded selection with # f0ebc5. After you fill the selection, go to Selection – Cancel (Select menu- Deselect) (or press Ctrl + D) to get rid of the selection.

Step 6. Go to Menu Filter – Blur – Blur in motion (Filter menu -> Blur -> Motion Blur), make a vertical blur, apply the settings: angle 90 and offset 20

Back to menu Filter – Blur – Motion Blur, but this time apply horizontal blur, you just need to change the value of the angle to 0.

Step 6. Finally, change the blending mode for the Light layer to Vivid Light.

Step 7. If you want to add more blur for the Light layer you can go to Menu Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter menu-Blur-Gaussian Blur) and change the value of Radius – 5

This is what you should get!
I hope you enjoyed creating your brilliant text!

Author: Textuts

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