Create a text for Valentine’s Day in Photoshop

Valentine’s Day is on the threshold, and I have a lesson for this special occasion.

In this tutorial we will create a beautiful text message. The lesson is not difficult, and I hope that you will take the time to do it.

For this job we will use simple brushes, layer styles and texture. As a result, we get a nice glossy text with a reflection.

I hope that you will enjoy doing the lesson, and you will delight friends with a beautiful postcard or wallpaper!


Step 1 – Create the Background

Create a new document (determine the size of your own). Download and install the “Paper Texture” pattern.

Create a new layer and fill it with the foreground color (press Shift + F5). Call it “Background”. Decrease fill (fill) to 0% and add a layer style “Pattern overlay“(Pattern Overlay). From the list of patterns, choose any texture you like old paper.

Add the same layer style “Color overlay“(Color Overlay) to the” Background “layer using the following parameters (color is red # ff0000 selected).

Step 2 – Write the text

Using the simple font “Arial”, write your message in capital letters. I choose a large font size – 133 pixels. The color used for this text is black (# 000000). After you write a message, click “Center text“to align.

Open the “Symbol and Paragraph“(Character and Paragraph) and set the distance between the lines and the space between the letters, as shown in the picture:

Open the Layer Style window for the text layer and add the “Stroke“(Stroke), size (size) – 13, position – outside (outside).

Create a new empty layer above the text layer. Rasterize the layer with your message and merge the two layers (top layer and the rasterized text layer). You will receive a new text layer. Call it Text Base.

Step 3 – Add a glossy effect to the text.

Go to the “Text base” layer and open the menu “Layer style“(Layer Style). Click the tab”Stamping“(Bevel and Emboss) and set the following parameters:

Step 4 – Add Hearts to the Text

Download and install brushes from the “Hearts” set. Create a new layer and name it “Dark Hearts”. Activate the tool “Brush (Brush tool) and select a simple shape heart from the list of brushes. Go to the brush panel (in brushes scan) and set the following parameters to create new brush characteristics:

Go to the “Dark Hearts” layer. Set color # 7e1515 for the brush we just created. Draw hearts in the text area.

Add some layer styles to the hearts. These will be: Inner shadow (Inner Shadow), Internal glow (Inner Glow) (color # c72625), Stamping (Bevel and Emboss), Color overlay (Color Overlay) (colors # 600b0b) and Pattern overlay (Pattern Overlay) (choose a pattern from the set of “Paper Texture 2”). The images below show the settings for the desired effect:

As a result, you get something similar:

Create a new layer, on top of the rest, and name it “Light Hearts”. Using the same brush with hearts and the same color, draw additional hearts on a new layer.

Add the same styles to the new layer as the “Dark Hearts” layer. But you should change the parameters Internal glow (Inner Glow) (color – # cb8383) and Color overlay (Color Overlay) (color – # 921b1b)

Step 5 – Add Shadows

Duplicate the “Bright Hearts” layer, clear all the layer styles. Let’s call this layer “Shadow of Hearts”. Reduce fill to 0%. Add effect “Shadow“(Drop Shadow) and place this layer between the” Light Hearts “and” Dark Hearts “layers.

Create a new blank layer above the “Shadow of Hearts” layer and merge the two layers (new empty and “Shadow of Hearts”). Thus, we rasterized a layer with a shadow from the hearts. Standing on a new layer with a shadow, select the “Dark Hearts” layer (CTRL + click on the layer icon), invert the selection (Inverse).

Translator’s note: in order to invert the selection go to “Selection – Inversion“.

Next, press the “Delete“this will remove extra shadow areas.

In the image below you can see the result before and after the deletion. The idea is that the shadow of the hearts falls only on the letters and details of the text, and does not hang in the air.

Step 6 – Create a Text Reflection Effect

It’s time to add another interesting effect. Now it seems that the letters are floating in the air. To create the illusion that the text is on the ground, we must add a reflection.

Select your message layer and click CTR + J (“Create duplicate layer” \ Layer Via Copy). Go to duplicate and clear layer style. Click CTRL + T (for transformation) andFlip Vertically“(filp vertical) as shown.

Next, reduce the fill (f ill) of the copy layer to 0% and add a layer style “Gradient overlay“(Gradient Overlay) with the following parameters: opacity – 50%; gradient type – linear; colors – from black to transparent; angle – 90.

Repeat the same procedure with other lines of your text, for a new reflection, use the new layer. To simplify the process, you can simply copy the layer style of the first row and add it to subsequent layers with reflections (“Copy Layer Style – Paste Layer Style“\ Copy Layer Style – Paste Layer Style).
As a result, you get the following image:

Step 7 – Add Reflection from the Details

In order for your text to look more harmonious, you need to add reflection for hearts. You can use the previous technique. As soon as you can handle it – the work is finished!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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