Create a text from the skin of a giraffe in Photoshop

In this lesson we will create an interesting animal text effect with skin and fur details. For this lesson, I chose the skin of a giraffe, you can choose any other animal that you like, for example, a zebra. You can go even further in your imagination and use some long-necked bird, such as a stork.

You will see that this lesson requires basic techniques and skills in Photoshop. There are also many links to other step by step lessons to help you get better results.

Final image

Starting materials

Let’s start with a simple background layer, fill it with color # 90c7e5 or any other light blue color that you like. Now create a text layer and using the tool Type tool (Text) add text. I used a free font called Regular, size 425px, type Regular, color white. You can learn from a short lesson for beginners how set the font in photoshop.

You can view this short lesson on how create rounded corners in photoshop and apply it to the created text.

Add the following blending options to the text layer. Inner shadow (Inner Glow) and Emboss / Bevel (Bevel / Emboss).

Select a giraffe skin texture from the collection. skin textures (link in archive). Resize the image and duplicate it several times to cover all the text. To create a soft transition from one texture copy to another, use Eraser tool (Eraser) with soft edges.

Place all the layers with the skin texture of the giraffe over the text layer and put them in clipping mask mode for the text layer, to do this just right-click on the layer name and select Create Clipping Mask (Create clipping mask).

Now let’s add some adjustment layers for the skin texture of the giraffe, so that it more closely matches the stock image with the giraffe, which we will add later: Brightness / Contrast (Brightness / Contrast), Photo filter (Photo Filter) (Color select # f4d146), Color balance (Color Balance).

Open stock image with giraffe and add it as shown below. Resize to fit text.

The image does not need color correction, contrast, etc. The only thing you need to do is remove the background. For this you can use Selection tool (Selection tool). You can learn how to effectively use the selection tools to remove the background in the lesson. Selection tools.

To merge a giraffe image with text, you must use Eraser tool (Eraser) with soft edges and Opacity (Opacity) 30%; Try to combine the two leather textures so that the transition was as inconspicuous as possible. If you want to use a non-destructive method, you can add layer mask to the giraffe image layer. That way, you can always undo an action if something goes wrong. If you use a layer mask, use Brush tool (Brush) instead Eraser tool (Eraser).

On a new layer, apply one of fur brushes and add a little fluffy effect around the edges of the text, as shown in the image below. Try using a fur brush similar to the original giraffe fur. Via Eyedropper tool (Eyedropper) Take a color swatch from the original image. Create several layers of fur with different sizes, color and opacity.

Create a new layer and use one of these cloud brushes, make the sky more realistic. If you prefer, you can use a sky texture with clouds, but I prefer to use only brushes for this tutorial. Use white brushes with different levels of opacity. You can also add multiple cloud layers with different levels of opacity. Add a layer style for the clouds Drop shadow (Shadow) as shown.

Sometimes brushes Clouds are too clear, but if you decide to apply a filter Gausian blur (Blur according to Gauss), get softer clouds.

Now add some leaves and various plant elements, use the following stock image around the giraffe. We will only use this image, which means that we have to duplicate the leaves, resize the image, rotate, crop, flip horizontally, change the color / contrast / brightness and so on to get realistic bushes with leaves.

The image has no background, so less effort is required from us when working with it, and this is very good! Open the layer style window and add the following options for the foliage layer.

Convert the foliage layer to a smart object. Duplicate it and arrange the leaves and branches at random to cover part of the text, as shown in the figure.

Since we have added plants, you need to create a shade for each stalk. So duplicate the layer, color is black,Opacity (Opacity) 65%, soft blur effect. Make sure that the shadow falls only on other stems, leaves, giraffe. The shadow falling on the sky should be removed.

Add more foliage layers, apply Gaussian blur (Gaussian Blur) to add depth, increase the size and darken the image using an adjustment layer. Brightness / Contrast (Brightness / Contrast). You can add as many layers as you like, I added several branches to the top of the image, and also added a sheet in the giraffe’s mouth. Be sure to add the proper shadow effect.

If you want to add a more interesting cloud effect or create an inscription from the clouds, you can try these cloud shapes photoshop; You can use them for text of various forms and other photos. You can also create unique Clouds brushes with this tool.

To make the image more vivid, I added a solar flare effect; From this short tutorial, you can learn how to add highlights to Photoshop. You can also try Lens Flare textures, just set blending mode to Screen (Screen).

For the final correction, I added a correction layer. Photo filter (Photo Filter), color # ec8a00, Density (Density) 30%, I also added a correction layer Brightness / Contrast (Brightness / Contrast) and increased Contrast (Contrast) to 60. To get a clearer image, you can use a filter High pass (High contrast). And here is the end result of our animal text-effect, obtained with the help of several simple layer styles, the texture of animal skin and just a few images.

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