Create a text with a metallic sheen in Photoshop

In this lesson you will learn how to make a very interesting, stylish effect for text. You can talk about it a lot and for a long time, since this effect is very fashionable now and is often used both for designer text inscriptions and for text in general. In the meantime, some will still speak, we are not wasting time in vain, perhaps we will begin the lesson!
That’s actually what will be discussed. Like? Then go ahead!

Step 1. Preparation of the document in Photoshop.
Create a new document in Photoshop (Ctrl + N). The author uses the size of 600 * 400, but you can create a larger document if you need it.

Step 2. Font selection.
The author of the lesson is a big fan of all the fonts that were popular back in the 50s, so his choice fell on the font “Bello”. Enter the word you need with a capital letter and set the size to 188pt.

Step 3. Add layer styles.
Now that your text layer is still active, add layer styles. Go to menu Layers – Layer Style (Layer- Layer Styles), and apply the following settings …

The translator’s notes are: You can call up layer styles by simply double clicking on the layer.


Inner shadow:

Now add the overlay pattern. The author used his own pattern, and you also have the opportunity to choose something of your own for the pattern or use the standard ones.

Note translator: if you really need a pattern exactly as in the lesson, then after looking at the screenshot, you can do the same. Create a document in 5 pixels., Increase it to the maximum and use a pencil tool to put colors as on the screenshot.
This article will help you in creating your own pattern.

Now add a gradient stroke to add text to the depth.

That’s what we did with all the styles of the layer, unless of course you applied them correctly. If your result is different from this, then go back and check all the settings for layer styles. So far this is only the technical part, so you should have no problems.

Step 4. Background.
To make our text look more interesting, we change the background a little, giving it some depth. Activate the background layer and add layer styles to it. Go to menu Layers – Layer Style (Layer- Layer Styles), and apply the following settings …

For gradient, use the following colors:
one. # 667c85
2. # 475e68


Step 5. Adding highlights.
Press “Ctrl” and click on the thumbnail of the text layer in the layers palette, this will load the text selection.

Create a new layer on top of all the others. Use the tool gradient (gradient), from white to transparent, and stretch it from top to bottom. This will add a moderate and still visible gradient to the text.

Now oval selection (Elliptical Marquee) draw an oval as in the screenshot below.

Go to menu Selection – Inversion (Select-Inverse) to invert the selection and click “delete”. This will leave the gloss only on the top of the text:

Set the blend mode of this layer to Overlap (Overlay). This will make the glare more natural.

Step 6. Make the text sparkle.
In this step, we will add sparkles throughout the text, this will give it more depth, dreamy and elegant look.
Create a new layer on top of the rest. Use the tool Brush (Brush Tool) 27pix. with soft edges, white and randomly draw a few dots along the edges of the text.

Tip: draw dots along the light edges of the text, this will increase the light effect.
You should have this:

You can add a little more glow with different brushes, but do not overdo it, because let it be better there will be less gloss than too much.
That’s all. We came to the end of the lesson, and you managed to learn such a stylish effect!

I really hope that you liked the lesson and will come in handy in the future!

Author: loreleiwebdesign

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