Create a Valentine’s Day Flyer in Photoshop

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th. This is a celebration of romance and love. On this day of the year, many people express their love for their half with the help of valentines, flowers and gifts.

All over the world, themed parties are organized on Valentine’s Day. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a flyer for a party dedicated to Valentine’s Day in Photoshop. For a flyer with a love theme, you can use symbols such as red roses, white doves, champagne, chocolate, red ribbons, hearts, diamonds, as well as other luxury items.

  • Download source materials

Final result

Step 1

First, download an archive that includes the source materials for this lesson, brushes, patterns, and a PSD file. Inside the PSD file, you can find a diamond style for text.

Let’s start the lesson by creating a luxurious style that we apply to the text. First we have to choose the font type; I chose the Intro font, this font can be downloaded for free. You can use any font at your discretion. Install the Intro font in Photoshop.

Write the text you like. Since This flyer is designed for a Valentine’s Day theme party, then I will write the word “Love” on two lines, as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 2

On the layer with the word ‘Love’, apply the following layer styles: Shadow (Drop Shadow), Stamping (Bevel and Emboss) and Color overlay (Color Overlay).

Step 3

Your text should look like the screenshot below. Of course, you can change the color of the overlay and choose a different shade, for example, red.

Step 4

Create a new layer on top of the ‘Love’ text layer. Name this layer “Diamonds”. Using the outlines of the text, draw contour lines, as shown in the screenshot below. Make a stroke, in the settings, specify the brush Dashed line.

Remember to remove contour lines before we proceed to the next step. Once again create contour lines, but this time, you need to compress the selected area by 25 pixels, smaller or larger, this will depend on the size of your text. Let’s go Allocation – Modification (Select> Modify) and select the option Compress (Contract).

Add more contour lines, create an active selection, stroke a dashed line on the same layer ‘Diamonds’.

If you still have a gap, you can either repeat the entire process with a stroke, or you can simply use a brush to draw dots, as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 5

To the ‘Diamonds’ layer, add layer styles. We will create small diamonds using a pattern of diamonds, which is included in the luxury-text-valentine archive.

Your style with diamonds should look like in the screenshot below:

Step 6

Select both layers (‘Love’ layer and ‘Diamonds’ layer), then right-click on the selected layers and in the window that appears, select the option Convert to smart object (convert into a smart object). Duplicate the new layer with the smart object. Name one smart object ‘Shadow’ (original layer) and the second one ‘Diamond style’ (duplicate layer).

Step 7

To the стиль Diamond Style ’layer, add layer styles to create a 3D effect, as shown in the screenshot below.

The result should be as in the screenshot below.

Step 8

To the ‘Shadow’ layer, add the following layer style to create a shadow effect.

Step 9

Now, let’s work on the background a bit. Change the background color to # 494949, and then add a little noise effect, for this we go Filter – Noise- Add Noise (Filter> Noise> Add Noise).

Next, add a layer style. Internal glow (Inner Glow). Install the settings that are shown in the screenshot below. This is one of the ways to create a vignette effect in Photoshop.

Step 10

Open the original image with a starry sky. Move this sky texture to our working paper by positioning the sky layer on top of the layer with the background. Change the blending mode for the starry layer to Lightening (Screen).

Step 11

To the starry sky layer, add adjustment layers. Curves (Curves) and Brightness / Contrast (Brightness / Contrast) as a clipping mask.

Step 12

Add textures with highlights on top of all layers, including text layers. With the help of light highlights, we will create interesting lighting effects. Just select any light flare that you like, then apply Motion blur (Motion blur), for this we go Filter – Blur – Motion Blur (Filter> Blur> Motion Blur) to create a soft blurred look.

Next, go Filter – Distortion – Polar coordinates (Filter> Distort> Polar Coordinates) to create a diffuse lighting effect. You can zoom in (up to 300%) to get an abstract beam of light.

Now, for the layer with the light flare, just change the blending mode to Light replacement (Lighten) or Lightening (Screen).

Step 13

You can still add light highlights, but this time, do not apply additional correction to them. You can change the color of the highlights with an adjustment layer. Hue / Saturation (Hue / Saturation), using it as a clipping layer. Also change the blending mode for an additional layer with a highlight on Light replacement (Lighten) or Lightening (Screen).

Step 14

Create a new layer. Using a brush Scattered dots, additionally draw diamonds. This brush is included in the lesson archive. To a layer with additional diamonds, apply a diamond style to create a feeling of falling diamonds. Create another new layer. Add large diamonds to the foreground, and then, apply a filter to these diamonds. Gaussian blur (Gaussian Blur) and / or Motion blur (Motion blur); This is the easiest way to create a depth of field, as well as create a defocus effect in Photoshop.

Step 15

To create the sparkling effect of jewelry, you can use Spark brushes or any other Spark / Star brushes as you like.

Step 16

On the topmost layer, press the keys (SHIFT + CTRL + ALT + E) to create a merged layer from all visible layers. If you want to create a party flyer, add a white narrow frame to the flyer using the layer style Stroke (Stroke). In this way, you will create an effect as if the flyer were printed in a print shop. You can also add a curved flyer effect.

Step 17

To add sharpness to the flyer image, apply a filter. Colour contrast (High Pass). So, we have completed the lesson! The final result of the Valentine’s Day Holiday Flyer can be seen in the screenshot below. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you decide to print your flyer, then you need to save the working document as a PSD file with a resolution of 300 dpi, otherwise the image will look too small, blurry and unprofessional.

Author: psddude

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