Create an abstract text effect in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a black and white abstract text effect.

Here is a preview of the final result:

For the lesson you will need the following materials:

Step 1. Create a new document with a size of 720×960 px, add an adjustment layer Gradient fill (Gradient fill):

We use cloud brush , to draw clouds on the new layer, also grab the edges (do not set the brush opacity too high):

Duplicate (CTRL + J) the cloud layer and compress it to the bottom with Free transform (Free Transform) (CTRL + T), delete the edges with a soft eraser (E)

Step 2. Use the downloaded font to write the text in the center of the working canvas:

Then add layer mask on the text layer – combine hard and soft eraser (E) to create an abstract texture on the letter.
You do not need to create a separate texture, as I did, because by practicing a regular brush, you get a very valuable experience for the future.

Letter after processing:

Draw some shadows with a soft brush under the letter, then use Free transform (Free transform) (CTRL + T) to compress it to the bottom:

Create a new layer under the text – we can use a set of brushes Dirt, which you downloaded to give texture (for a better result, adjust the size of the brush):

We also work in the upper area of ​​the letter:

Use the Smoke brush to add a smoke effect:

We get the following result:

Step 3. Now we can draw several lines around the text. Take a tough brush (B) 3 px diameter:

If we hold the key SHIFT, we can draw a straight vertical or horizontal line:

We clamp SHIFT and begin to draw vertical lines around the text (here you can also use the finished brush, but I recommend doing everything manually):

Duplicate (CTRL + J) a layer with lines and reduce the copy, rotate it 45 degrees to the right and place it in the central part of the letter:

We get the following result:

Step 4. Load the text selection by holding CTRL + left-click on the layer thumbnail in the layers panel:

Set the blending mode of the new layer to Overlay (Overlap), use the Smoke brush to add textures on top of the text:

Pen (P) draw a contour at the top of the letter, as shown below:

Click the right button on the contour and select Stroke path (Outline of the contour) with a soft brush of 25-30 px, activate Simulate pressure (Simulate pressing):

And we get the following result:

Duplicate (CTRL + J) the stroke layer several times, adjust the copy size and place around the main stroke:

We get the following result:

Step 5. This is an optional step, you can skip it.
Now we will add several elements to the image to make it more prominent. I added rain drops:

I also added some feather textures.

We can also add some cracks along the edges of the working canvas with a brush:

Step 6. We are almost done! In the last step we will add some more details. We must apply Flatten image (Merge layers), duplicate (CTRL + J) the background layer and apply a filter to the copy. Filter – Noise Reduce Noise (Filter – Noise – Reduce Noise):

Add layer mask, as in the screenshot below, to hide areas that do not need sharpening:

I decided to add some red color to the text using the adjustment layer Curves (Curves) (choose Red from the drop down menu):

Editing layer mask adjustment layer:

And we get the following result (we left a red spot only in the center):

Create a new layer and fill it with black color, using the filter in the center, visualize the highlight Filter – Render – Lens Flare (Filter – Visualization – Glare):

Change the layer blending mode with a highlight on Color dodge (Lightening basics):

Duplicate the flare layer twice and reduce the size of the copies, arrange them as shown below (for duplicates, leave the blend mode Color dodge (Lightening basics):

And finally, the final result of our work:

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it useful!

Author: PSDVault

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