Create an artistic effect for text in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create artistic text with metallic texture in Photoshop. We will use standard round brushes and learn how to manipulate the texture giving it different shapes.
Here is the final result of this lesson:


Let’s start!

Step 1

Create a new document with a white background (for this lesson, the size of the document does not matter). Use the tool “Gradient \ Gradient tool (G)“to fill your document. In the toolbar, select”Radial Gradient“. Set the color from #ffffff to # e0e0e0:

Let’s draw a base for the text — use a 10px hard white brush as shown below.

Use the tool “Eraser \Eraser“(20-100% stiffness), erase some parts of the text to create” breaks “(splashes), as well as, to obtain a blur effect:

We will use this sketch as the basis for our text effect.

Step 2

Let’s add a metal texture to the text. Upload the image “Metal Texture” in Photoshop, select a part from the image using the tool “Lasso \Lasso“:

Use “Transform \ Warp Tool“to deform the text as shown below: (Ctrl + T, then right-click and select” Warp “):

At your discretion, use “Filter Plastic \ Liquify filter“for our metal texture:

Repeat the previous steps, adding more metal texture to the text:
(Hint: try using a different piece of metal texture for more variety).

You will have the following effect:

Step 3

Now let’s make an abstract pattern. We will use standard brushes and “Filter Plastic \ Liquify filter“.
Create a new layer. On this layer, using a soft black brush, draw a dot as shown below:

Create another new layer and draw a white dot (slightly less than black). Place the white dot in the upper right corner of the black dot:

Use, “Filter Plastic \ Liquify filter“as shown below:

But the effect of which we strive to achieve:

Duplicate this layer several times. Modify copies of a layer: rotate, resize the duplicated layer, attach them to different positions as shown below.

Step 4

We are almost done! For the final retouching, we can smooth the image. Duplicate the background layer. Apply the filter “Contour sharpness \Unsharp mask “to make the text look clearer:

You can also add a soft glow. Use a soft white brush on the new layer to draw some parts of the letter:

And here is our final effect:

The lesson is over! I hope you liked it and will be useful in the future! See you in new lessons! Have a nice day!

Author: psdvault

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