Create an electrified text.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create metallic, electrified text.

For the lesson we need a couple of textures:

Step 1

Create a new document with a size of 1280 * 720 pixels with a black background. Load the metal texture in Photoshop and select the desired area. Copy it and paste it into the working paper. Adjust the size of the texture in accordance with the size of the image (Ctrl + T):

Soft eraser (E) we erase the area in the form of an inscription that we will create. Later we will fill these places with the text:

Add adjustment layers above the background layer:

Black and white (Black and white) (set the opacity of this layer to 80%)

Levels (Levels)

We get the following result:

Step 2

Now we will add text. We return to the document with a metal texture. Select a piece of wire, as shown below, which will become part of the text:

Using tool Refine edge (Advanced edges) (without removing selection, press Ctrl + Alt + R) you can adjust the selection, making it more accurate and accurate:

Copy and paste the selected area on the working document. Place it inside the erased place on the background texture:

Repeat the whole process to fill all areas with cut out fragments and form letters:

When finished, we merge all the text layers into one (Ctrl + E). Add to it a layer mask and soft black brush (B) gently hide the bottom of the letters. This will add a bit of depth:

Step 3

Above the text, add adjustment layers and convert them to clipping masks (Ctrl + Alt + G):

Black and white (Black and white) (set the opacity of this layer to 75%)

Levels (Levels)

Curves (Curves)

We get the following result:

Step 4

Now over the letters we add a texture with zippers. Load the selection of the text layer (holding down the Ctrl key, click on the layer thumbnail) and apply to it Refine edge (Advanced Edge) to add feathering (feather) to the selection:

Activate Rectangular marquee tool (Rectangular selection) (M) and dragging the selection to the texture with lightning:

Copy and paste the selected texture area into the text:

To add variety and realism, soft eraser (E) erase the texture in the places marked in red:

Duplicate the texture (Ctrl + J) and change the copy blend mode to Color dodge (Lightening basics):

Thanks to this blend mode, the texture is brighter:

Repeat the process to add more electrical textures:

Step 5

To liven up the work, add some light effects, as shown below. Of of this lesson You can learn how to create them:

In addition, we need to apply a filter Filter – Noise – Reduce Noise (Filter – Noise – Reduce Noise) to increase the clarity of light effects. Before applying the filter, all layers must be merged into one:

As you can see below, after applying the filter, the electricity became clearer:

We apply several adjustment layers to adjust the color (color balance and selective color correction). Here you have complete freedom to experiment.
And we get the final result:

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