Create an old gold text effect in Photoshop

In this simple lesson, the author will tell you how to create an old text with a brilliant, golden effect.

Lesson details:

Used software – Adobe Photoshop CS2 and higher

Level of difficulty: – for beginners

Elapsed time – 25 minutes

Final result

Materials for the lesson:

Prepare materials for the lesson. Install the font on your computer, two files with patterns in PAT format. Open an image with a background in Photoshop whose size is 600? 400 pixels and which will be your working paper.

Let’s start creating the first text effect. Choose a tool Text(type tool), set the size to about 280 pt for the letter “G” and about 350 pt for the remaining letters. In the top toolbar, select the type of smoothing. Sharp (Sharp) as shown in the screenshot. Write your text in the center of the image. You can write any text, but the author chose the word “Gold”.

We are ready to create a style for the text effect. Go to the menu Layers – Layer Style – Blending Options (Layer> Layer Style> Blending Options) and use the settings below in the screenshots. You can use two quick ways to invoke layer style settings. The first quickest way is to double-click on a layer in the layers palette. The second way – right-click on the layer and select the item Overlay options (Blending Options). When you are done with all the settings listed below, do not forget to click “OK” in the settings window. This test layer will add a main effect to the text in the final result.

Drop Shadow – Shadow

Inner Shadow – Internal shadow

Outer Glow – External glow

Inner Glow – Internal glow

Bevel and Emboss –Tisnenie

Countour –Circuit

Texture – Texture

Satin – Rlancer

Color Overlay – Halozhenie color

Gradient Overlay – Hgradient alteration

Pattern Overlay – Overlapping pattern

Duplicate the “Gold” text layer and a copy will appear above the original layer. Clear the styles from the copy in the menu. Layers – Layer Style – Clear Layer Style (Layer> Layer Style> Clear Layer Style). Now open the layer style window using one of the methods described in step 3 and apply the style settings for this text layer. When finished with all the settings listed below, do not forget to click “OK” in the settings window settings. This test layer will add depth to the text.

Blending Options – Overlay options

Drop Shadow – Shadow

Inner Shadow – Internal shadow

Inner Glow – Internal glow

Bevel and Emboss –Tisnenie

Countour –Circuit

Satin – Rlancer

Stroke – Strokebut

Now we will create glowing dots. Let’s start with one and then duplicate as much as we need. For convenience, you can hide text layers so that the background is clearly visible. Choose a tool Ellipse (Ellipse Too) and draw four circles with the same diameter and color as shown in the screenshot. Rename the layers to Circle 1, Circle 2, and so on, the author will use these names in the following steps.

When you’re done creating circles, apply horizontal and vertical alignment to them in the top settings menu.

Translator’s Note: alignment parameters will be visible when the tool is active Move (Move).

The next step is to apply a blur for circles 1,2 and 3. Select the “Circle 1?” Layer, go to the menu Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur) and use in the settings Radius (Radius) as shown in the screenshot below. Repeat the filter for circle 2 and 3, but with different radius settings, also using the screenshot.

When done with the blur, change the layer blending modes and Opacity (Opacity) using the settings from the screenshot.

Color Dodge – Lightening basics

Normal – Normal

The last step in creating glowing circles is to group all four circles into one group (Ctrl +G) and reduce Opacity (Opacity) this group up to 60%.

This is the most interesting part of the lesson. Make the text layers visible again and move the group with dots to the edge of the text. Now duplicate this group with circles as many times as necessary and place copies on the edge of the entire text. In the screenshot below you can see how the author arranged groups with circles for his text, but the final decision on the arrangement of your circles depends on you. Pay attention to the fact that there are places that shine more than others, just these folders with circles are multiplied (duplicated), that is, their copies are made.

That’s it, the lesson is over!

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