Create bulk text from bricks in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create 3D text from bricks in Photoshop. Then, using this text and several other pictures, we will create a surreal composition. You can use other textures, such as wood, to get your unique result.

Step 1

Create a new document and insert a picture with cracked earth. Then add an adjustment layer. Layer – New Adjustment Layer – brightness/ Contrast (Layer – New Adjustment Layer – Brightness / Contrast) with the following parameters.

Double click on the layer with the ground and add a layer style. Gradient Overlay (Gradient overlay).

Step 2

Under the layer with the ground insert the picture with the sky. Add a mask to the layer with the ground and edit it to create a neat transition between the two images. To do this, we fill the seam with a black and white gradient.

Step 3

Create a new document and paste a brick wall texture onto it.

Under the link you can also choose a suitable texture.

Step 4

On the same file, using the font Ligurino, we write the text. You can download it on the Internet and install it in Photoshop.

Hold down the Ctrl key and click on the thumbnail of the text layer in the layers panel to load its selection. Then go Select – Modify – Expand (Selection – Modification – Expand) and in the window that appears, enter 13 pixels.

Go to the layer with the brick wall and press Ctrl + J to copy the selected fragment to the new layer. Name the resulting layer “Brick Text” and delete all other layers.

Via Lasso Tool (L) (Lasso) create irregular edges on letters.

Load the selection of the layer with the letters and with Clone Stamp Tool (S) (Stamp) add bricks on the letter D.

For the “Brick Text” layer, add an adjustment layer. Brightness/ Contrast (Brightness / Contrast).

Step 5

Merge layer with text and adjustment layer (Ctrl + E). Set the action to create a 3D effect for the text and set it in Photoshop. Apply the installed action to the brick text layer. You should get this result:

As you can see, we have three groups and a background layer. Remove the shadow group ( and the background layer.

Step 6

Move on Layer – Layer Style – Global Light (Layer – Layer Style – Global Lighting) and apply the settings as shown below. Note that the light and shade of the text has changed. Merge all layers and groups with text into one group called “Brick Text” and move it to the document we created at the beginning of the lesson.

Step 7

With the help of a soft round brush (B) of black color we add shadows under the text. Decrease Opacity (opacity) shade so that it looks more natural. We also need to draw a shadow falling from the letters so that it can be seen that they are standing on the ground, and not hovering in the air.

Step 8

Now add a window to one of the letters. Cut it, transfer it to the working paper, adjust the size and apply adjustment layers. Brightness/ Contrast (Brightness / Contrast) and Hue/ Saturation (Hue / Saturation).

We apply styles to the layer with the window. Inner Shadow (Inner shadow) and Inner Glow (Internal glow) to make the window look more realistic.

Step 9

In the same way we add the door: cut, adjust the size, apply color correction and layer styles.

Step 10

Now, to create a surreal atmosphere, we will add a dry tree on the letter P.

Combine dry wood with green. We leave only half of the green crown. Take Eraser Tool (E) (Eraser), select a brush with jagged edges and delete the excess, as shown below.

Using any selection tool, cut a ladder and add it on the letter S. To change the perspective of the ladder, use Edit – Transform – Distort (Editing – Transforming – Distortion).

The ladder should cast a shadow on the letter S. To do this, we duplicate it (Ctrl + J), apply Image – Adjustments – Levels (Image – Correction – Levels) and wind the sliders so that the copy of the ladder turns completely black. Warp it as shown below and reduce Opacity (opacity) up to 50%.

Remove the extra shadow, which stands for the borders of the letter, as shown below.

Step 11

Download and paste the image with falling leaves. Do not forget to add leaf shadows on all objects of the composition (letters, earth, etc.).

Hold down the Ctrl key and select all the objects of the composition on the layers panel, except for the cracked earth and sky. Click on them with the right mouse button and select Convert to Smart Object (Convert to smart object). Apply layer style to smart object Gradient Overlay (Gradient overlay).

Step 12

Also next to the letters we insert a sad girl. Cut it, apply layer styles and adjust light and shade.

Then we draw a falling shadow from the girl.

Step 13

As a final touch, you can add more leaves around the girl, apply a correction layer. Gradient Map (Gradient map) to create interesting tinting, reduce / increase saturation using Hue/ Saturation (Hue / Saturation) and apply a filter High Pass (Color Contrast) to increase picture clarity. With the texture of old paper, we can add a grunge effect. Change its blend mode to Overlay (Overlap) and reduce the opacity to 50%.

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