Create chrome volumetric text in Photoshop

The result of the lesson:

Today in our quick tutorial, we will show how to create a 4×4 chrome car logo using editable text and layer styles. Let’s start!

Materials for the lesson:

Step 1. Create a new file, 600×450 pixels in size, RGB color, 72 dpi and a transparent background. Fill the new layer with black (press Alt + Backspace , to use the background color of the toolbar). Now we create a layer style that is based on Gradient overlay (gradient overlay), which includes several gray tones with bright areas, they will simulate a metal car door.

Step 2. Add Color overlay (color overlay) in mode Multiply (Multiplication) and use color # 990000. But later we can give our car any color we want.

Step 3. Create a text using a very bold gray font # 999999, similar to that used for inscriptions on machines. In this case, the font is TS Block. Reduce the size of “x”, as shown below, and increase the offset of the letters to give more similarity. Dial the number “4” and apply the same settings to the parameters of the characters (see the figure below). Then type x and apply the same parameters to its style as shown below, and then copy and paste the first layer with “4” (Ctrl + C / Ctrl + V) to get the text “4×4”.

Step 4. Add a 3 pixel wide stroke with the color # 666666 to the layer style.

Step 5. Separate the stroke style in a separate layer. To do this, right-click on the icon “fx” on the layer and select “Create Layer“(create a layer).

Step 6. Now we have a new layer with the name of the style we used and we will add new layer styles to it to simulate the embossing of the icon. But first, let’s define the style of the front text.

Step 7. With some changes in the layer style window, we will create the foreground of our icon. The layer that will imitate the 3D embossing will be visible from behind.

Step 8. Now we will work with embossing this icon with the values Bevel and Emboss (Embossed) and Outer glow (External glow), as you see in this figure. The idea is to add a chrome effect to emboss the object. You can choose the angle and color tones that will help you create this effect better.

Step 9. Now we will create a black plastic base that has this badge at the back and with which it is pasted to the car. Duplicate the text layer and clear its layer style. We will use very strong Drop shadow (shadow) colors # 202020, slightly larger than text, and slightly shifted down. Repeat step 5 to highlight the style on a separate layer.

Step 10. To create a 3D effect, we will add some more layer styles to give this new element a knockout effect. We will apply Bevel and Emboss (Embossed) to style, so that it has a three-dimensional look. After add Drop shadow (shadow), which will simulate the shadow of the icon on the car.

Step 11. Using the style with the editable inscription “4×4”, we will create a mask with the help of selection with feathering (feather) in 3 pixels.

Step 12. Add effect external glow (outer glow) to this mask to simulate the brilliance of the light that passes by the icon.

Step 13. To finish the job, we will add a flash to the edge of the icon. I usually do this with a special plug-in for Photoshop, but this time I decided to share the image with a few of my flashes.

Step 14. Choose one of the flashes, cut it out and paste it into our work. We change its size and place it on the left side of the icon on the strip of light.

You can try to create a logo with your fonts. The final result of the work you can see below. Good luck!

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