Create futuristic text in Photoshop

Final result:

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a futuristic grunge text with scratches and neon light. Let’s get started!

Materials for the lesson:

Step 1. Create a new document of the size you need, I set the size to 1920 pixels in width and 1080 pixels in height, with a resolution of 300 pixels / inch. Fill the background layer with color # 272727.

Step 2. To get the effect of a scratched surface, I used a scratch brush.
First create a new layer and name it. Scratches1 (Scratch1), then take the tool BrushTool (Brush) and select the scratch brush you like from the set, set the foreground color to black. Make a single brush imprint on this layer, make sure that the brush size is selected so that the imprint falls on the entire work area. Now duplicate this layer by pressing Ctrl + J, name the resulting layer Scratches2 (Scratches2). Invert this layer by pressing Ctrl + I, and lower its Opacity to 50%. Move layer Scratches2 1 pix down and 1 pix to the right, to get a stamping effect

Note translator. Use the Move tool (MoveTool) and arrows on the keyboard).

If necessary, slightly resize the layer to fill the entire work area.

Step 3. Let’s start working with text. Write the text you want, and place it in the center of the work. I wrote the text “TUTSPLUS +” using the 65 pt Acens font.

Translator’s Note. Font Acens can be taken in the archive .

Step 4. Now add the following layer styles to the text layer. You can experiment with color to get the effect you want.

Step 5. Let’s add scratches to the metallic text. I used ready-made grass brushes in Photoshop, mostly these.

Create a new layer and name it. MetalScratches (Scraped metal). Set the Opacity of the layer to 50%. Add this layer the following layer styles:

When finished with layer styles, Ctrl + click on the text layer, this will load its selection, you must be on a new layer. MetalScratches. Selection is necessary in order to draw scratches only within the text. Start drawing scratches along the edges of your text. Do not worry, if you overdo it a bit, we will fix it in the next step.

Step 6. After you create the scratches, and you are generally satisfied with the result, let’s remove the extra parts of the scratches. Look at the image below, we got scratches in the dark and light areas of the text, it does not look very realistic. Still with active selection, take the tool Erasertool (E) (Eraser), set a brush size of 10 pixels and a stiffness of 0%. Now erase the parts of the scratches that fall on the bright areas and side edges. Do not wash them completely, but only smoothly around the edges, we need to make part of the scratches visible.

Step 7. When you are satisfied with the result with scratches, let’s start adding neon light. Take the tool RoundedRectangleTool (U) (Rounded Rectangle), set the corner radius of 2 pixels, the Shape Layers mode. Draw rectangles inside the long parts of the letters, make sure that they are half the width of the area of ​​the letter on which you draw them. Do not touch the area around the edges of the letters, we will add bolts there later.

Add the following layer styles to one of the rectangle layers. Then just copy the layer styles from this rectangle and paste them onto the other layers with rectangles.

Note translator. To do this, right-click on the layers palette on the name of the layer from which you want to copy layer styles, select Copy layer style (CopyLayerStyle), then right-click on the layer where you want to add the desired styles and select Paste layer style (PasteLayerStyle).

You can reduce the number of scratches under areas where neon light falls. To do this, go to the layer MetalScratches, take the tool EraserTool (Eraser) and erase some scratches in these places.

Step 8. Now let’s add a grunge effect to the letters. Create a new layer above all layers with lighting, name it. Grunge, change the blending mode to Overlay (Overlap). Take the tool BrushTool (Brush) and select some texture brush. I used the finished watercolor brushes installed in Photoshop by default (they are in the Wet Media Brushes set, the lowest in the list of sets). Select your favorite brush, Ctrl + click on the text layer to load the selection around it. Draw the letters, being on the created new layer.
After drawing the scuffs, set the foreground color to black and gray as the background color, select in the menu Filter > Noise > AddNoise (Filter – Noise – Add Noise) and set the effect to 10% monochrome noise.

Step 9. Now add bolts to the letters. Create a brush to paint them. Create a new layer and draw a black circle on it.

Note translator. You can use the Ellipse tool for this (EllipseTool) in the Layer-shape mode, hold the key Shiftfor an even circle.

Duplicate the resulting shape, compress it around the edges (use Free Transform, Ctrl + T), change its color to gray, then duplicate it again and rotate it 90 degrees.
After that, merge the 3 obtained layers into one, make a Ctrl + click on the resulting layer, you will have its selection in the form of a circle. With the selection active, select in the menu Edit > DefineBrushPreset (Editing – Define a brush). Name your new brush ScrewHead. After that you can remove the layer with the bolt.

Step 10. Create a new layer, name it. Screws (Bolts). Add this layer the following layer styles:

Now take the tool BrushTool (Brush) , select the brush you created, set its size to 10 pixels. Being on a layer Screws, draw the bolts in the corners of the letters, or wherever you want to place the bolts.

At the end, let’s add black bars along the edges of the image. This can be done by drawing two black rectangles – top and bottom of the work. I drew rectangles 100 pixels in height, you can draw them as you like, as long as they do not overlap your text.
On this we are done. Take the time to get a better result. And you do not need to use the brushes that I chose, if you have more suitable ones, you can use them.


Author: Dylan Roberson

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