Create glowing text in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we will create beautiful text from the spark of light using several real images. This lesson is not difficult to perform and does not take much time, but you get the original work.

Materials for the lesson:

Step 1

Open our main tool Adobe Photoshop and create a new document with a black background.

Step 2

First open the image of the light bulb. Position the image in the middle of the canvas, but so that the filament is large.

Step 3

Create a layer mask Layer – Layer Mask – Reveal All (Layer – Layer Mask – Show All). Using the tool Brush tool (B) (Brush tool), brush soft, color black, remove unwanted places. What exactly to remove, look at the image below.

Step 4

At this stage, we need to clear space for our text, removing the filament. Use the simple fill method: using the tool Eyedropper tool (I) (Eyedropper tool) select the approximately desired color, create a new layer using Brush tool (B) (Brush tool) paint over the thread. Remember, using a brush, you can also call the pipette by holding the key Alt!

Step 5

For the next step we need the Exmouth font. Download it from the Internet and install it in Windows, select the tool Type tool (T) (The tool “Horizontal text”). Set the required size, for example 82 pt, color white, write the word as shown in the image below. Change the blending mode of the text layer to Color dodge (Lightening the basics). Create a layer group, and move the text layer into it.

Step 6

Apply a blur Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur), radius 4 pix.

Step 7

Thanks to the blend mode Color dodge (Brightening the base) and the white color of the text, you can see how its parts interact with the background, thus creating a beautiful light effect.

Step 8

In order to add more realism, we will add a highlight from the photo by downloading it from the Internet into Adobe Photoshop. Having opened the image, first of all, erase unnecessary areas, leaving one highlight. Next, remove the color with the command Image – Adjustments – Desaturate (Image – Correction – Discolor).

Step 9
Change the blending mode to Screen (Lightening), this mode is very popular when creating light effects, as it makes the black and gray areas completely transparent, leaving only the elements we need.

Step 10

Create a new layer on top of all the others. Check the consistency of the colors of the main and background backgrounds with black and white by pressing the “D“. Apply filter Filter – Render – Clouds (Filter – Rendering – Clouds).

Step 11

Change the layer cloud overlay to Color dodge (Lightening the basics). Create a new layer group and move this layer to the group, change the group’s blending mode to Overlay (Overlap).

Step 12

In the same group, create a new layer, but below the cloud layer. Choose a tool Brush tool (B) (Brush tool), brush soft, color # f5d38b. Draw spots on the center of the text, change the blending mode of the new layer to Overlay (Overlap).

Step 13

Add the last layer, creating it above all others. To make the light stronger, grab the soft brush again and create a large white spot in the middle of the light effect. Next, change the color in the style settings Layer – Layer Style – Color Overlay (Layer – Layer Style – Color Overlay) on # ffd648, blending mode Linear burn (Line dimmer). Now you know that most light effects are created by mixing colors and photos. Therefore, Adobe Photoshop is a powerful tool for creating such works.

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