Create graffiti text in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a graffiti-style cartoon text effect.

Materials for the lesson:

Step 1 – Creating a new document
Create a new document with the size of 1000×500 pixels. You can do this through the menu. File – New (File – New).

Step 2. Activate the background layer and use Paint bucket tool(Fill) (G) to fill it with # D0CFCF color.

Step 3 – Text
For the text we create a new layer, you can find a suitable font on the Internet or draw a clear outline of letters on paper, scan and import it into Photoshop. Next, take Pen tool(Pen) (P) and create the outline of one of the letters. I used the word “Graffiti”.

Step 4. Transform a contour into a selection by right-clicking on it and selecting Make selection (Create selection), fill it with any color.

Step 5. Rename this layer. I called him simply “G”. Duplicate it (CTRL + J) and place it under the original. Double click on the “G copy” layer to bring up the window Layer style (Layer style) and change color.

Step 6. Then move the “G copy” layer 5 pixels up and 8-9 to the right, using the arrow keys.

Step 7. On layer “G” add layer styles. Let’s start with Inner shadow (Inner shadow).

Step 8. This is how your result should look. Go to the “G copy” layer, then Layer – Layer Style – Create Layer (Layer – Layer Style – Create Layer). Take Burn tool(Dimmer) (O) and dim the marked areas. When finished, take Dodge tool(Brightener) (O) and brighten the marked areas. Green circles indicate where I used Burn tool (Dimmer) (O), red – Dodge tool (Clarifier) ​​(O).

Step 9. On the “G copy” layer, add a layer style. Drop shadow (Shadow).

Step 10. Create a new layer, load the selection of the layer “G copy” (holding CTRL, click on the layer thumbnail on the layers panel) and use Edit – Stroke (Edit – Stroke). Place the stroke under the “G copy” layer.

Step 11. Create a new layer and call it “Rectangles”, take the selection tool and create several rectangular shapes filled with color # 8cb809.

Step 12. Now we will add a highlight. Create a new layer and using Pen Tool (Pen) (P) draw a highlight as shown below. Fill it with #FFFFFF color.

Step 13. We erase the excess part. To do this, select the layers “G” and “G Copy” (holding CTRL + ALT, click on the layer thumbnail on the layers panel). Further Select – Inverse (Select – Invert) and delete the extra part of the layer with the highlight with the Delete key.

Step 14. Change the layer blending mode with a highlight on Soft light (Soft light) and add layer style Layer – Layer Style – Inner Shadow (Layer – Layer Style – Inner Shadow).

Step 15. Repeat all steps for the remaining letters.

Step 16 – Clouds
Create a new layer and call it “Clouds”. Place it under the letter layers. Take Brush tool (Brush) (B) and, adjusting the diameter, draw a lot of circles, giving them the appearance of a cloud. I used the color # e40480. When finished, duplicate (CTRL + J) this layer.

Step 17. Add layer styles to the original Clouds layer. Layer – Layer Style – Bevel and Emboss (Layer – Layer Style – Chamfer and Emboss).

Step 18. This is how the illustration should look like at this stage.

Step 19. Create a new layer above the cloud and soft round layer. brush (B) white color draw highlights on the cloud. Brush opacity should be very low.

Step 20. Go to the “Clouds copy” layer and transfer it under the original, then change the opacity (opacity) by 27%. Slightly move this layer aside to create a shadow.

Step 21 Create a new layer, take a hard round brush(B) and by adjusting the diameter, we create new clouds. I used color # 8cb809.

Step 22 Add layer styles.

Step 23 Create a new layer and add some shine to the clouds with a small soft brush (B). I used Smudge tool(Finger) to stretch the highlights.

Step 24 Now I will show you how to create a background. First create a new document.

Step 25. Take the tool Rounded rectangle tool(Rounded rectangle) (U) and create a rectangle. I used the color # 8cb809 and a radius of 21 px.

Step 26. Add a layer style Stroke (Stroke).

Step 27. Duplicate the rectangle and arrange the copies so as to create the brickwork. Please note that each lower brick slightly overlaps the top and white background is not visible.

Step 28. Create a new layer above the bricks and a soft round brush with a diameter of 60 px and color # 000000 draw shadows on the bricks. Change the layer opacity by 27%.

Step 29. Move on Edit – Define Pattern (Edit – Define the pattern), in the window that appears, enter the name and click OK. We return to the document with graffiti. Create a new layer under the cloud layer. Fill it with #FFFFFF color and reduce fill (fill) to 0%. Add layer styles.

Step 30. Create a new document and add glare on some bricks. I used a soft round brush (B) and Smudge tool(Finger) to smudge them.

Step 31 Now let’s do light rays. Create a new layer above the text and activate Brush tool(Brush) (B), set the size to 87 px.

Step 32 Take Pen tool (Feather) (P) and create the outline of the light lines. When finished, click on it with the right mouse button and select Stroke path (Form a contour), in the drop-down menu choose Brush (Brush) and activate the Simulate Pressure option.

Step 33 Add Outer glow (External glow).

Step 34 Create a new light line.

Step 35 Create a new layer and add stars using the previously loaded brush.

Final result

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