Create Halloween fiery text in Photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn how to create terrifying text in Photoshop for Halloween. Fiery flames and the effect of molten magma are used as elements to create this creepy text style. You can download some premium. halloween text styles, made by this author.

Final image

Step 1

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create horribly cool Halloween text in Photoshop using the layer style. Let’s look at the final result. Looks pretty cool right? So let’s get to work. To get started, download and install the Green Fuz font. The author of the font on his creation was inspired by American horror comics of the 1950s.

Step 2

Next, go to wegraphics and download the Dirty Screen textures archive (they are free for personal and commercial projects). Open the texture called “wg_dirty_screen_textures_2” in Photoshop, then go to the menu Edit> Define Pattern (Edit> Define a pattern) and name it at will. Click OK.

Step 3

This is not a seamless pattern, but do not worry about it, it will look great. Now create a new document (Ctrl + N (Mac: Cmd + N)) with dimensions 1000x550px and name it “Text Style Halloween.”

Step 4

Fill the canvas with color # 111111 (Ctrl + A (Mac: Ctrl + A)). Then right-click on the canvas and select Fill (Fill), then in the window that opens, specify Use (Using): Color (Color), then enter 111111). Click OK and deselect (Ctrl + D (Mac: Cmd + D)). Alternatively, use a dark pattern.

Step 5

Now press the “T” key to select the tool Text tool (Text) and click in the center of the canvas. Enter “Halloween” and change the font to Green Fuz Regular, as if you were working in Word. Change the font size to 194 pt. This is what should happen:

Step 6

Then double click on the text layer to open the layer styles.

Step 7

Specify the following settings for Bevel Emboss (Embossed):

Step 8

Change Contour (Circuit):

Step 9

Change Inner shadow (Inner Shadow):

Step 10

Change Inner glow (Inner Glow):

Step 11

Change Satin (Gloss):

Step 12

Change Color overlay (Overlay Color):

Step 13

Now change Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay). Click on the small arrow in the bottom corners of the gradient and then on the colored square to change the colors of the gradient:

Step 14

Then click on the small arrow in the upper corners of the gradient to change Opacity (Opacity):

Step 15

Change Pattern overlay (Overlay Pattern). Find the pattern you defined earlier in the pattern list:

Step 16

Change Drop shadow (Shadow):

Step 17

Use texture as a background template. Dirty Screen, created in the first step. Also add Gradient overlay (Gradient overlay), as shown in the screenshot below, to darken the pattern.

Step 18

For a fiery frame, you can use Fire textures (set the blending mode to Screen (Screen) or Lighten (Replacing Light)) or you can use fire brushes with layer styles. And we are done! Add other elements to the picture, for example, glowing pumpkins and you can say we are finished working with nice looking effects.

Easy, yes? I suggest you try different settings and see what happens. For example, you can come up with pretty cool color variations. Get crazy and enjoy!

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