Create original handwriting in Photoshop

In this lesson we will create original floral text using simple techniques and techniques that will be understandable and accessible even to the beginner. In our work, ordinary handwritten text will be combined with grunge textures, elements from scrap sets, colors and various elements, which in general will give us a very interesting result.

Here is the picture we have at the end of our lesson:

Materials for the lesson:

Step 1

Let’s start by creating a new file with a white background. Open a photo with clouds and move it to our working paper on top of the background layer. On a cloud layer, use a filter. Bluratmovement (Motion Blur), filter settings are shown in the screenshot. You can also apply a filter Gaussian blur (Gaussian Blur) with a small radius to soften the picture a little more.

Step 2

Reduce the cloud layer Opacity (Opacity) up to 70%. Open the picture of the galaxy, move it to our working paper on top of the clouds layer. Apply filter Gaussian blur (Gaussian Blur) with the following settings:

Step 3

Change the layer with the galaxy Modeoverlay (Blend Mode) on Overlap (Overlay), Opacity (Opacity) leave 100%. Add adjustment layer Colorbalance (Color Balance), settings, see the picture. Make this adjustment layer clipping mask to the layer with the galaxy.

Step 4

We write the text. To do this, use the tool. Pen (Pen Tool) mode Circuit (Path) and draw the outline of the future text. Something like this:

Step 5

Create a new layer and rename it to “Text Layer”. Customize tool Brush (Brush Tool), hard round brush, brush size 7px, brush color # 372029. Activate the tool Arrow (Path Selection Tool) right-click on the outline of the text, in the drop-down menu, select Outline the contour (Stroke Path).

Step 6

Click Delete to delete the outline. Your result should look something like this:

Step 7

In the same way, add a few more words to your work. Just create an outline, circle it and delete, move the words across the canvas as you like, to put together the phrase you need – this is how you get the effect of the handwritten text.

Step 8

Double click on the text layer in the layers panel to open the window Stylelayer (Layer Style) and apply the following effects: Shadow (Drop Shadow) and Stamping (Bevel and Emboss), settings, see the screenshot below.

Step 9

Right click on the “Text Layer” layer (“Text Layer”), in the drop-down menu, select Convert to smart object (Convert to Smart Object). Next, apply the filter through the menu Filter (Filter) – Distortion (Distort) – Ripple (Ripple). Enter the filter settings as in the image below, click OK.

Step 10

Use the stock image of PNG blossom (link in the archive), cut out branches from it and place them on a new layer as shown in the picture. Rename this layer to “Tree Branches”.

Translator’s Note: because the author of the lesson uses a paid stock image, free photos of tree branches in png-format can be searched on the link in the archive.

Step 11

Right click on the layer Text layer (Text Layer), in the drop-down menu, select To copystylelayer (Copy Layer Style). Right click on the layer “Tree Branches” to bring up a drop-down menu, there select the option To pastestylelayer (Paste Layer Style).

Step 12

Use the image of cherry blossom PNG, cut out the fragments of sakura flowers and place them on the branches of trees, as shown in the picture. Being on a layer with flowers, use the filter Smartsharpness (Smart Sharpen) to enhance the image a little.

Step 13

Add a “Cherry Blossom” layer to the “Cherry Blossom” layer Shadow (Drop Shadow):

Step 14

Add some decorative elements to our picture. Use the Bows Brushes link. It’s not necessary to download the brush set itself, just copy the brush preview image to your computer. Cut out and move part of the picture with the bow we need to a new layer. Use the tool Magicwand (Magic Wand Tool) to remove the unnecessary part of the background.

Step 15

Copy the bow several times and place these copies on the canvas to your taste. Collect all bows on one layer, duplicate it using CTRL + J. You need to add two shadows to your bows – look at the settings of the first layer with bows on the top image in the screenshot, settings for duplicate layer – on the bottom image.

You can also add other decorative elements, for example, such bows of Glamor Bows.

Step 16

Add some black spirals to our image, I use this Swirl Shapes kit. You can also use any vector shapes by clicking on the floral decorative link.

Step 17

Right click on the layer with the spiral shape, in the drop-down menu select the item Rasterize layer (Rasterize Layer). With the tool Magicwand (Magic Wand Tool) create a shape selection, removing the necessary tick in the position Adjacentpixels (Contiguous). Tool settings, see the picture below.

Step 18

Customize tool Magicwand (Magic Wand Tool) as shown in the picture below, tick the position Adjacentpixels (Contiguous) and click on the canvas outside the shape.

Step 19

Fill selected areas with white. Add a layer style to the shape layer. Shadow (Drop Shadow), settings, see the screenshot.

Step 20

In a similar way create some more vector shapes, place them in your work something like this:

Step 21

Add more decorative elements to your work, you can download them at this link stain drips and splatter shapes. Use black for your vector shapes.

Step 22

At the end of our work, I consider it necessary to give it a look of some rubbing by imposing various textures. To do this, I use old paper texture in blend mode Overlap (Overlay), Opacity (Opacity) Layer Texture 80%. You can also add crumbled paper texture in mode. Lineardimmer (Linear Burn), Opacity (Opacity) 60%. Create a new layer and fill it with the checkered pattern of the notebook pattern, change this layer to the blending mode Overlap (Overlay) or Lineardimmer (Linear Burn) to your liking.

Step 23

The final step in our work will be color correction. Create an adjustment layer on top of all layers. Mapgradient (Gradient Map), select any gradient map you like.
This is the result we got.

Author: psddude

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