Create stone letters in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a stone text effect with a cosmic background.

Materials for the lesson:

Step 1. Create a new document of 900×1270 pixels with a black background. Add a new layer and use the loaded brush to paint the background: (set the opacity and brush pressure to about 40%)

Create a new layer and write a letter in the center of the canvas with any font:

Load a stone texture into Photoshop, go to the letter layer and load its selection:

Activate Rectangular marquee tool(Rectangular selection) (M), grab the selection with the mouse and drag on the stone texture:

Copy (CTRL + C) and paste (CTRL + V) the selected area on the letter, turn off the visibility of the text layer and get the following result:

Step 2. Use soft eraser(E) to gently remove some areas of the texture, as shown below:

Slightly sharpen the texture with a filter. Filter – Sharpen – Unsharp Mask (Filter – Sharpness – Contour Sharpness):

Then add three adjustment layers above the texture and transform them into a clipping mask (CTRL + ALT + G):


Curves (Curves)

Brightness and Contrast (Brightness and Contrast)

And we get this effect:

Step 3. Now we will add another texture to make the letter look better. We return to the document with the texture and select the necessary part, as shown below:

You can correct the edges with Refine edge (Advanced Edges) (CTRL + ALT + R):

Copy (CTRL + C) and paste (CTRL + V) the selected area on the working document, soft eraser(E) gently erase the edges to blend the two textures together:

Repeat the above process and add more stone textures on the letter:

Tip: do not completely cover the bottom of the main texture, it will give the work depth. Also use the free transform (CTRL + T) to adjust the shape of the stones.

Step 4. Let’s add scattering fragments from the letter. We can use the same stone texture and Quick selection tool(Quick selection) (W) to select small areas, as shown below:

Copy (CTRL + C) and paste (CTRL + V) the selected area onto our document, adjust the size and attach to the letter as shown below:

You can also warp shards to add movement:

Duplicate the fragment layer several times and attach around the letter:

Don’t forget soft eraser (E) adjust the edges of the fragments to give the composition depth:

We get the following result:

Step 5. We are almost done :) As a final touch, we’ll add clouds using the filter Filter – Render – Clouds (Filter – Rendering – Clouds):

We can also draw abstract lines with a 3 pixel wide brush:

Now we merge all the layers into one and apply the filter Filter – Sharpen – Unsharp Mask (Filter – Sharpness – Contour Sharpness), to slightly detail the image:

I also darkened some areas of the letter using Burn tool(Dimmer) (O) to add shadows:

And here is the final result:

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