Create text from fur and hair in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create text from fur and hair in Photoshop using a simple but effective technique. This effect is universal, since the text can be from animal fur, or human hair, it can even be grass, if you choose the right color shade.

The final result:

Step 1

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create text from hair or fur in Photoshop using brushes and Fur textures. To create this effect will take 10 minutes.

At the beginning of the lesson we will create the background. Unsuccessful background can ruin the whole effect, so you should carefully choose the background. For this text, I decided to use a light colored fabric texture as a background. But you can choose, for example, the usual texture of the Tree. You can also apply a crumpled paper texture if you decide to be creative.

Note: Download the original ABR and PAT files from the link at the beginning of this lesson.

Step 2

To create the background, we will need to install a linen fabric pattern, which you can find in the source file with the PAT extension. So, download the source materials needed for this lesson. Now you need to install ABR and PAT files in Photoshop. For this we go Editing – Set Management (Edit> Preset Manager) to select Type of set (Preset Type). First choose a tool Brush (Brush Tool) to download the downloaded file with the ABR extension and install the brushes, and then in the drop-down menu select Patterns (Patterns) to download the downloaded file with the PAT extension and set textures as patterns.

Step 3

Create a new 1200 x 630 px working document in PSD format. Create a new layer. Name this layer Rear background of fabrics (Linen Background). Fill the layer with any color shade at your discretion, and then apply the following layer styles. Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay) and Pattern overlay (Pattern Overlay). In the layer style settings window Pattern overlay (Pattern Overlay) Select a pattern with a linen fabric texture.

Step 4

To make the texture of linen fabric more realistic, you can use the grunge texture by adding it to our working paper, and then changing the blending mode for the layer with the grunge texture to Soft light (Soft Light) or Multiplication (Multiply) with opacity (Opacity) approximately 30%. The settings will depend on the grunge texture you select. The texture should be neutral tones, for example, light gray or cream. So, your background with a pattern of linen fabric should look like in the screenshot below.

Step 5

Add text. Name the text layer Text Hair (Hair Text). You can use any font at your discretion. I used the Pooplatter font.

Step 6

To layer Text Hair (Hair Text) apply layer style Pattern overlay (Pattern Overlay). As a pattern, use the “hair-2-by-psddude” texture from the PAT file that you set in Step 2.

Step 7

Create a new layer on top of the layer. Text Hair (Hair Text), name this layer Contour Hair (Hair Border). Hold down (CTRL) and click on the layer thumbnail. Text Hair (Hair Text) to load the active selection.

Step 8

Now right click on the selected area and in the appeared window select the option Create work path (Make Work Path).

Step 9

Set the foreground color to # 975126, the background color to # 2a1412. Choose a tool Brush (Brush Tool), in the brush settings, set the “hair brush 1 by psddude” brush, the size (Size) brush 60 px, mode Normal (Normal), Opacity (Opacity) 100%.

Step 10

Choose a tool Outline selection (Path Selection Tool), and then right-click on the created work path and in the appeared window select the option Outline the contour (Stroke Path).

Step 11

Now press the (delete) key to delete the work path.

Step 12

Add a layer style Shadow (Drop Shadow).

Step 13

Select layer Text Hair (Hair Text) as well as a layer Contour Hair (Hair Border) to merge them into one layer. Name the merged layer Text with Fur Effect (Hair Fur Text) and then apply the following layer styles to this layer Shadow (Drop Shadow) and Inner shadow (Inner Shadow).

Step 14

Create a new layer. Using the “hair brush 3 by psddude” brush, add individual hairs as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 15

As a final touch, you can add, for example, scissors and a comb to make the image more interesting. Open the original images with scissors and a comb, and then use the tool Pen ( Pen Tool) create an exact selection and remove the background. Next, to the layers with scissors and comb, add the following layer styles Shadow (Drop Shadow) and Inner shadow (Inner Shadow).

So, we have completed the lesson! We created the text from fur and hair in Photoshop using brushes, textures and layer styles. The lesson is simple and fascinating, so I hope that you enjoyed this lesson. See you, have a nice day!

The final result:

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