Create text from ice in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a poster for a Disney 3D film “cold heart” in Photoshop.

Final result

Source materials:

Step 1. Create a background

Open the original texture.

a. To the texture layer, add an adjustment layer. Color Balance (color balance) as a clipping mask. Apply the settings shown in the screenshot below.

b. Create a new layer, fill it with a blue tint # 194765, and then change the blending mode for this layer to Overlap (Overlay).

c. Select a part of the texture from the original poster image, duplicate it twice, placing duplicate layers on top of all other layers.

Swipe duplicate layers with the background using a layer mask.

Treat the background according to your preferences. I hid the light areas on the edges of the image, keeping the transverse central part of the light.

d. Add a snowflake to our working paper to decorate the background. Basically, you can draw a snowflake yourself.

e. Rotate the snowflake, scale, randomly position the snowflakes in the background, changing the blending mode to Separation (Division) or Overlap (Overlay).

Step 2. Create a snowflake

1) You can create your own snowflake; create a new document 800px * 800px. Start from the center to draw a fragment of a snowflake, invent your own snowflake design. Finally, duplicate the drawn snowflake fragment to create a six-pointed snowflake.

2) Add the snowflake we created to our working paper, placing it in the center of the image, set the value Fillings (Fill) layer to 0, then duplicate the layer with the snowflake so that you have two layers with the snowflake.

Apply the following styles to the snowflake top layer:

Apply the following styles to the snowflake bottom layer:

3) Select both layers with snowflakes, and then group them into one group (Ctrl + G). Apply the following layer styles to the created group.

The result should be as in the screenshot below:

4) Add a layer mask. Using a layer mask, hide the central transverse area to insert text.

5) Randomly draw light highlights of white light.

Step 3. Add a name

1) Choose a suitable font, write your text. Set the font to bold. Apply a free transform to the text by applying a deformation.

2) Create a new layer, copy the texture of the background to apply the texture to the text, correct Levels (Levels) and Colour (Color) to make the text deeper compared to the background. Add a layer style Inner shadow (inner shadow) to the text layer. You can edit the settings for your text if you want to make it clearer.

3) Turn off the visibility of the text layer, then we will create the effect of ice and snow on the text.

To create the effect of ice and snow, apply filters.

Turn on the visibility of the text layer. The result with the effect of snow and ice should be as in the screenshot below:

4) Circle the edges of the text to make the text look as unusual as possible. I arbitrarily painted the edges with a hatch using a tablet. The processing result can be seen in the screenshot below.

Since the effect is not pronounced, I added a layer mask to the layer with the group with the text and using a black brush, processed the text to make it look more unusual.

5) Circle the edges of the text with a dark brush.

Note translator: pick up Colour brushes dark-blue.

6) Add a snow effect, as well as the effect of falling snow on the already prepared text layer.

7) Decorate the scene with stars.

8) Add a subtitle below the main title. You can see the final result in the screenshot below:

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