Create text in the form of postage stamps in Photoshop

In this lesson you will learn how to create text from postage stamps in Adobe Photoshop using a few simple techniques. We will create a dot brush and then use it to create the effect of postage stamps. This technique can be used not only to create text from postage stamps, but also to create postage stamps from vector shapes.

So let’s get started!

The final result:

Step 1

As a background, I used a cardboard texture, but you can use any other background as you like.

Let’s start with the text. Write the text in any font you like. Now you have to decide for yourself whether you will create an effect of sweat marks for each letter in turn, or you will apply the effect immediately to the entire text. If you choose the first option, then you need to create each letter on a separate layer, and then apply the effect to the created layers. If you want to apply the effect only once, then you need in the tool settings Text (Text) set value Tracking (tracking) between 100 or 200.

Step 2

Let the letters be different colors. Or you can select any image that you like, place it on top of the text layer, and then convert it to a clipping mask.

Step 3

Convert the text layer to curves. To convert a text layer to curves, to do this, right-click on the text layer and in the appeared window select the option Convert to curves (convert text to shape); I converted the text into a vector shape and then with the tool Pen (Pen Tool), I corrected the letters “P” and “D”, filling in the voids in these letters. You can skip this part of the lesson and continue working with the text layer.

Step 4

I also added the sunbeam effect over the letters using the Sunburst brush to make the text more interesting. Now add Stroke (Stroke) the stroke width is approximately 2 px, the stroke color is black. Convert the layer to a smart object and add again Stroke (Stroke) the stroke width is approximately 20 px, the stroke color is white.

Step 5

Once again, convert the layer to a smart object, and then add a layer mask.

Step 6

Choose a tool Brush (Brush Tool). Create a dot brush using a standard round hard brush. Open the brush settings panel Brush (Brush). Install Interval (Spacing) at 150%. The size of the brush will depend on the size of your text.

Step 7

Create a work path using a text layer with a smart object. Next, just Stroke the outline. (stroke path) as the stroke tool, select the point brush that we previously set up. Stroke color is black, Opacity (opacity) brushes 100%.

Step 8

Delete the work path, and that’s it, we created the text with the effect of postage stamps; you can add layer style Shadow (Drop Shadow), add additional text to the image stamps, etc. But the most important point you should take into account is to remember to add a stamp to stamps.

Step 9

To create a grunge effect, you can use the texture of old paper, giving this effect a look of antiquity. You can also add stamps to postage stamps or use the paid action Print.

Step 10

You can add creativity using retro photos on postage stamps.

Thank you for being with me. Have a good day!

The final result:

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