Decorate letters with texture in photoshop

Here is a cool Photoshop tutorial that will help you to fun to process 3D text. These letters are created in Xara3d and we will finish them with textures in Photoshop.

Materials for the lesson:

Step 1. Let’s start by creating 3D letters. For this, I used a simple 3d editor: Xara3d. You can use your favorite from 3d programs: Illustrator or Photoshop (CS4). BUT if you do not have a special program, or laziness makes itself felt, download the ready-made letters from the link in the archive.

Step2 Create a new document in Photoshop and apply the Tool gradient , containing colors from light green (#cef2b4) until dark (# 2ba631). Insert 3d letters.

Step3 Let’s work on the letter J. I wanted to process it with a texture under zebra skin. Change the color of the letter. Overlay gradient Image – Correction – Gradient Map (Image>Adjustments>Gradient Map) from dark gray (# 0f0f0f) to light (# 858585).

Step 4. Paste the texture. Resize (ctrl +T – free transformation) and place on top of the letter. It will become much easier if you turn down the opacity.

Step 5. Duplicate the texture layer 4 times. We need a copy for each face of the letter.

Step 6. For a while hide all the layers with textures. With the tool Pen make a selection of the front face.

Step 7. Click ctrl +enter , to activate the highlighter. Make one texture layer visible and select it. Now click on the button add mask (at the bottom of the layers palette). Change blending mode to Overlap.

Step 8. Make another layer visible. Using Pen , make a selection as shown below.

Step 9. With the selected copy of the texture, go to Selection – Inversion (Select>Inverse) and click delete. Then the next command ctrl +D to cancel the selection.

Step 10. Follow in Editing – Transformation – Distortion ( Edit>Transform>Distort) and reduce the height of the form.

Step 11. Hide the zebra layer. Take all the same tool Pen and select the top surface of the letter.

Step 12. Make the layer visible and select the texture. Add a layer mask and put the overlay mode on Overlap.

Step 13. Do the same with all sides of the letter.

Step 14. Select all the layers related to the letter J (all visible layers except for the background) and click alt +ctrl +E to merge into one layer. Now we will need only the last layer we have obtained, select all J layers, group them (ctrl + G) and hide the group.

What is the purpose of this step? It was necessary to merge all J layers to apply the tool. Finger , but I preferred to create another layer for this. Thus, it will be possible to return to the base without harming the image itself.

Step 15. Choose a tool Finger . Set the brush diameter to 1 px., The mode is normal and the intensity is 70%. Zoom in and start drawing the wool on the letter.

Step 16. Change the brush size for a good result. We finished with a zebra, it was interesting, didn’t it?

Step 17. Tape the rest of the letters with different textures (monkey, giraffe, tiger, leopard, elephant), doing the same thing. Look for textures in the internet (stock.xchng).

Author: Sebastiano

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