Devilish text

Today we will create the effect of the devilish text.

Step 1. Create a document (Ctrl + N) size 600×250 pixels. and resolution 72 ppi, fill with black color.
Choose a tool Horizontal type (horizontal text type) font Arial black150pt, Colour red (FF0000) and on the new layer (Shift + Ctrl + Alt + N) write the text:

Step 2. Choose a tool “Freeform”\ CustomShapeTool, In the set, select the arrow and on the new layer draw an arrow.

Using transformation (Ctrl + T) edit the size, duplicate the arrow (Ctrl + J) several times and position the arrows on the letters (use Edit \ Transform \ Flip Horizontally (Edit \ Transform \ Flip Horizontal) and Edit \ Transform \ Rotate 90 ° clockwise (Edit \ Transform \ Rotate 90 ° CW).

Step 3. Rasterize the text (right-click on the text layer and select Rasterize Text. Select the Rectangular Area tool.\Rectangular Marquee Tool and Delete the text below the arrows.

Merge all layers except background Ctrl + E.

Step 4. On the new layer with the tool “Oval area”\EllipseTool draw an oval selection and fill with dark red (620000) and set the layer opacity \ opacity to 60%. Make the selection smaller and “bite off”, as in the figure click Delete.

Straight Lasso Tool\ Polygonal LassoTool remove unwanted parts of the oval. Bring the opacity \ opacity back to 100%.

Step 5. Duplicate the layer (Ctrl +J) and using Editing \ Transforming \ Flip Horizontal (Edit \ Transform \ Flip Horizontal) mirror horn. Merge the horns Ctrl + E and duplicate Ctrl + J. Shift the duplicated layer a little higher with the tool. “Moving”\(Move Tool (V).

Merge the duplicate with the text layer and apply a layer style:
Stamping\Bevel and Emboss:

Step 6 Load a selection of this layer (Ctrl+click on the layer thumbnail). Right-click on the selection and select “Feather” \ feather, radius 5 px and in the menu Selection \ Modification \ Squeeze (select \ modify \ contract) 7 px

Step 7. Fill the selection with a new layer color (FD0000) set the layer blending mode to Brightening \Screen and change the Opacity to 60%.

Step 8. Hide all layers except the horns layer (to do this, click on the icon), make an oval selection, as in the picture,

make the text layer visible and click Delete.

Do the same on the second horn.

Make a rectangular selection and remove the rest.

Step 9. Make all layers visible. Select the text layer,

right-click on the selection and select “Run Stroke” color 971414, outside, width 2-3 px. Now we will create a tail.
Draw an oval selection and fill it with red on the new layer.

Go back to the previous layer and with the tool “Moving”\(Move Tool (V) move the selection up and to the right. Go back to the new layer and click Delete.

Step 10. Using the Freeform tool\CustomShapeTool, on the new layer draw an arrow

and using transformation (Ctrl + T), edit the arrow.

Rectangular area tool\Rectangular marquee tool remove all unnecessary. Merge the layer with the tail and the arrow and apply the style:
Stamping \BevelandEmboss:

Here is the result:

Good luck!

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