Did you claim to ski Russia?

This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to replace text on a poster.

Now it has become popular to change slogans on communist posters to other modern ones.

We will try and we. Take for this poster, which was created back in the 20s by the greatest master of his craft, Dmitry Moore.

He is called “Did you volunteer?”

So … what is the theme for the poster to come up with? Aha

The All-Russian Mass Ski Race “Ski Track of Russia-2008” begins soon, and I, as an ardent fan of skiing, urge you to all declare and take part in this wonderful festival of sport and health! Fair!

So, for the poster to be effective, you need to make small adjustments.

First, change the text.

First we need to delete the old text. I propose to create a new texture using a black striped poster.
Take the tool , we clamp Shift and select an even square.

Push Ctrl + C (copy), Ctrl + N (create a new document),
Ctrl + V (insert)

Now go to the menu Edit – Define Pattern (Editing – Define texture). Give the name “Ski Russia”

Then select the entire rectangular area on the poster, inside the selection frame, right-click and select the command Fill – Run Fill.

In the window, select the type – texture, we find from the list the created texture. Blend Mode – Normal. OK.

The selection is filled with a black texture. Ctrl + D (remove selection)

Now it’s time to pick up the Text tool and write our slogan “Did you sign up for the Russian Ski Track?”

I found a suitable campaign font. Set these settings in the Character palette:

And that’s what I got:

It would be better if “YOU” will be written in the same font.
Repeat with texture definition.

In addition, let’s change the tonality of the picture from communist to some neutral, for example blue.

Click Ctrl + U (color / saturation). Set my settings for blue:

Well, what about the ski track and without the main corporate attribute! Some just because of the free cap and go to the competition.

So it will be better:

P.S. The cap was removed from the head of one cute boy. This headpiece with the help of Photoshop fit under the head of the new owner, in addition, the style of the cap was modified using a filter
Artistic – Poster Edges. In the course of work, no one was hurt, everyone is happy and happy!

Well, I persuaded you to go February 10 on the ski track of Russia ???

See you at www.https://photobecket.com!

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