Elegant text in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I’m going to tell you how to make elegant text. Lesson summary:

Step 1. Let’s begin our lesson by creating a new document canvas of 1000×1000 pixels (72 ppi) and filling the background with the color # 000000.

Step 2. We go to Layer> New> Layer from Background (Layers / New / Layer from the background …) to convert the background to a regular layer. After that apply the gradient overlap to this layer – Layer> Layer Style> Gradient Overlay (Layers / Layer Style / Gradient Overlay …).

Step 3. Now I’m going to add text and apply several layer styles to get the desired elegance effect. Take Horizontal type tool (tool “Horizontal text”) and write some text in the middle of our canvas.
Note:The author used the Brush Script Std font, size – 300 pt.

Step 4. Change Fill (fill) the text layer to zero. Now let’s start applying styles to the layer.

Drop shadow:

Inner glow (Inner glow):

Step 5. You need to create a new contour when you apply Bevel and Emboss style (Embossed). Click on the contour icon to change it, click New, give it a name and make it like in the image below.

Step 6. Apply also Satin (Gloss), Color overlay (Overlay color) and Stroke (Stroke) to the text layer.

Step 7. And the last thing I would like to add to the text is elegant stars. Create a new layer, then use Rectangular marquee tool (tool “Rectangular area”) to select the area of ​​the canvas approximately like mine, and fill the selected area with white.

Step 8. We press Ctrl + D, to remove the selection. Apply Filter> Blur> Motion Blur (Filter / Blur / Motion Blur) with settings as shown below:

Step 9. Now duplicate this layer with Ctrl + j and rotate the copy 90 degrees clockwise with Edit> Transform> Rotate 90 CW (Edit / Transform / Rotate 90 clockwise).

Step 10. Merge the copy layer with the original. After use Elliptical Marquee Tool (tool “Oval area”) to create a circular selection like in my picture below, and fill this area with white on a new layer.

Step 11. Press Ctrl + D to remove the selection. Apply Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur (Filter / Blur / Gaussian Blur) with settings as shown below:

Step 12. Merge this layer with the previous one, click Ctrl + T to resize this star slightly and rotate it.

The final image.

Add more stars to your picture as described above. The lesson is over.

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