Eraser style text effect

?In this lesson, the author offers to learn how to create text in the form of an eraser, which will be interesting to apply in the design of school posters and works of school subjects. In this paper, you can combine text with figures and get an interesting and creative result.

Final result

Materials for the lesson:

Let’s start with a simple background layer that will be well combined with the theme of the lesson. For this you can use Wood Pattern or Cork Texture.
Next, use Torn Paper shapes to create a school sheet.

Double click on the layer with the paper sheet to open the layer style window. Add style Pattern overlay (Pattern Overlay) and use the Math Pattern Set for the squared paper texture. Also add Shadow (Drop Shadow) for a realistic look of the sheet.

To make the paper even more realistic, like a mathematical piece of a school notebook, you must use these mathematical brushes and formulas.

Download all these math brushes and install them in Photoshop using the manager Set Management (Preset Manager). Add math brushes on a new layer and set a clipping mask for this layer in relation to the layer with a sheet of paper. This is necessary so that the painted brushes do not extend beyond the limits of the sheet.

Adjust the level Opacity (Opacity) for a layer with brushes. You can also use the tool Eraser (Eraser Tool), to wipe some areas for a more interesting and spectacular view. Since this layer is part of the background, it should not be too noticeable.

It’s time to add an inscription. Write simple text using a font that you like. The author used the font Franklin Gothic Medium.

Now open the panel Symbol (Character) and apply the following settings. You should pay attention to these textual font settings to get a good result. Name this text layer – one.

Duplicate the text layer and name the copy. Text 2. Apply the following settings for this new text layer.

Add layer styles to the first test layer. one.

Shadow (Drop Shadow)

Inner shadow (Inner Shadow)

Stamping (Bevel and Emboss)

Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay)

Your eraser text should look like this for now.

Now let’s add some styles for the second text layer. Text 2.

Shadow (Drop Shadow)

Inner shadow (Inner Shadow)

Internal glow (Inner Glow)

Stamping (Bevel and Emboss)

Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay)

Gloss (Satin)

Now your eraser text looks like this.

If you want your text to look even cooler and more effective, then you can rasterize both text layers and simply cut and paste each letter into a new layer in order to move and rotate them, as shown in the screenshot.

For a shabby look, you can use Grunge textures. Do not forget to apply a correction for the layer with the grunge. Brightness / Contrast (Brightness / Contrst) and change the blending mode for the layer to Multiplication (Multiply). Add stains and blots if desired.

The result of the lesson

The author hopes that you liked his lesson and share your results.

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